unemployment benefits

What does ‘unemployment claim is under review’ mean?

The employment claim refers to a request for cash benefits from the government by unintentionally unemployed workers. The benefits are paid to eligible workers depending on their past wages. Also known as the unemployment insurance claim or unemployment compensation claim, the unemployment benefits program is available through each state’s unemployment agency. Here’s a list of unemployment agencies for all states. To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, you must file a claim with the relevant agency. You can make the application ...


How to cancel unemployment claim

If you are on unemployment insurance benefits, but now you’ve got a job, you need to cancel your unemployment payments as required by law. In fact, you risk severe penalties and other fraud charges for continuing to collect your check after you become re-employed. Each state has policies and procedures on how to cancel unemployment benefits. The specific rules for canceling an unemployment benefit after getting a new job will vary depending on your state. It will also differ based ...