How to cancel unemployment claim

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If you are on unemployment insurance benefits, but now you’ve got a job, you need to cancel your unemployment payments as required by law.

In fact, you risk severe penalties and other fraud charges for continuing to collect your check after you become re-employed. Each state has policies and procedures on how to cancel unemployment benefits.

The specific rules for canceling an unemployment benefit after getting a new job will vary depending on your state. It will also differ based on the type of job you have secured.

For example, the procedures are different for those under full-time, part-time, and self-employment.

However, the entire process is fast and easy, irrespective of your situation. You may not even have to offer a formal claim of cancellation. But that will depend on your state.

What can disqualify you from unemployment benefits?

The following reasons can disqualify you from unemployment benefits:

  • Offering false information concerning any job contact.
  • Failure to pay back the falsely claimed benefits in full.
  • You turned down a fitting job without having a valid cause for refusing it.
  • Failure to apply for a suitable job when referred by your state’s employment commission.
  • Failure to accept employment when offered by your state’s employment commission.
  • You quit your job without an appropriate cause.
  • You got fired for misconduct.
  • You’re self-employed, on-contract, or freelance worker.
  • You have worked for less than a year.

Unless you meet your state’s eligibility requirements, your unemployment claim will not get through, and the employment commission will disqualify you from any benefits.

Should you cancel your unemployment claim when you go back to work?

If you had applied for unemployment benefits but were able to get a job before your state processed your claim, you should cancel it immediately.

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You need to contact your state’s employment commission to request they cancel your unemployment claim. Otherwise, you will be committing fraud if you fail to report this crucial information.

How to cancel your unemployment claim

You can cancel your unemployment claim in various ways. These include:

1. Stop certifying for payments

The easiest way of going about the process is to stop certifying for payments. Whenever you collect your benefits, the first thing is to certify with your state for every payment.

That involves calling the claims office or logging into the claims website and following the prompts provided. But if you stop certifying for payments, you will not receive any benefits from your state once three claims go uncertified.

2. Contact your State’s Employment Commission

Contacting your state’s employment commission is the best way of canceling your unemployment claim. For example, if you are in Florida, call 1-833-352-7799.

In New York, the number to call is (888) 209-8124. You can find your State Employment Commissions contact details via Careeronestop.

3. Visit your State’s Unemployment Insurance website

Many states have websites that allow users to log in and certify or cancel their unemployment benefits. For example, to cancel your unemployment claim online in New York, visit the state’s Department of Labor site.

Other states that offer online services include Texas, California, and Florida, among others. You will need to create an account or log in to your account. Once logged in, follow the links that require you to drop your unemployment claim.

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You can cancel unemployment benefits anytime you get a new job. Failure to report new employment will disqualify you from future claims.

You can start by calling your state’s employment commission or logging in to your account and canceling the benefit online. Alternatively, stop certifying for payments, and your state will drop it after three unclaimed payments.


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