Tesla app won’t connect to your car? How to fix

The Tesla app was developed to help owners of the Series 3 model have a more ‘smart’ and seamless experience when using the vehicle.

Through this app, drivers can perform a wide variety of functions that make using the car a lot easier, so it is no wonder it is such a hassle when you can’t seem to get the mobile app to connect to your phone.

Like any other app ever created, the Tesla app may have some minor flaws here and there, which sometimes affect its functionality.

However, given how much of a staple this app is to Tesla drivers, it can be particularly frustrating when it malfunctions or does not work.

This app makes users’ lives a lot easier, but like all other things, they have its shortcomings from time to time.

Users can either choose to troubleshoot the issues themselves, especially if pressed for time, or wait patiently for the team to resolve the issue.

Either way, your problems will never go unsolved.

If you have just purchased a Tesla and are wondering why the Tesla app doesn’t show your car, it is because the Tesla app cannot connect to your car at this point.

After the delivery of your car, you must have mobile app access before you can start to use all the features on the app.

Tesla app

How do I sync the Tesla app with my car?

To connect your mobile app and your Tesla Model 3:

  • Download the app and sign in using your credentials
  • Tap on ‘Controls’ and then ‘Safety
  • Select Mobile access’ to sync the app to your car

Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on, and ensure that the Tesla mobile app has access to Bluetooth in your mobile settings.

Without these settings, you wouldn’t be able to connect your app to your car.

Another reason your app may not be connecting to your car is a poor cellular connection or the complete absence of it.

Your phone and car must have access to cellular service to allow your mobile app to communicate effectively with your car.

If you are going somewhere with a limited cellular connection, like a parking garage or a remote area with a poor connection, it is advisable to carry a key.

If you have access to more than one Tesla car, it is possible that your app could already be connected to the other vehicle.

Be sure to switch to the car you are using. You can do this on the ‘Profile’ tab at the top corner of your phone screen.

Troubleshooting a Tesla app that won’t connect to your car

If the Tesla app still won’t connect to your vehicle, there are many possible reasons for it. And even more possible quick fixes you could try out.

1. Restart the application

This is probably the quickest and most common fix for this app and all other apps. Sometimes, nothing is wrong, and your app needs a little refreshing.

Open your recently used app’s window, close it all, or just the Tesla app. Give it a few seconds or minutes before you open it again.

2. Sign out of the app and sign in again

Sometimes the app has no major issues; all it needs is refreshing.

Signing out of the app, giving it a few minutes, and then signing in will solve this issue.

If the issue was with your profile, this should also resolve that. Your app should be able to run smoothly now.

If that does not work, try any of the other steps below.

3. Restart your device

There is usually nothing wrong with the app in most cases. The issue could as stem from the device you are using.

However, some processes or other apps may be running in the background and overrunning the app, causing it to malfunction or work slowly.

Tesla app

Restarting the device stops all the processes running in the background. If any of them affect your app, then the issue should be solved now.

Your app should be ready to use once your phone is restarted.

4. Clear the app cache and data

If restarting the app and your device does not work, try clearing the app’s cache and data.

This removes all the data sitting unused in your phone’s storage, affecting its functions due to limited space, and also helps if there is an issue with some of the in-app processes.

For Android users:

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Go to the Apps section and tap the Tesla app
  • Select App info and then click ‘clear app data and clear cache

For iPhone users:

  • Launch Settings
  • Tap Storage. A dropdown list with your downloaded apps will appear. 
  • Select Tesla
  • Tap Offload App.

5. Restart your vehicle

More often than you may think, the problem is with the car. Maybe it isn’t receiving the network just or adequately encountered an issue when trying to connect to your device.

To restart your vehicle, press the scroll buttons on either side of the steering wheel. Now, try reconnecting the car to your device again.

If this step does not work, then carry on to the next:

6. Contact the app support

If you’ve tried all the steps above, but still, the Tesla app won’t connect to your car, you’ll have to contact Tesla.

There is a section labelled ‘Tesla app support’ on the app. Here, a specialist will get in touch with you and should be able to help you out in no time.

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