Snapchat time filter not working? Here’s a fix

Tim Vickers

Snapchat has plenty of features that have a lot to be desired. Among the favorite of many users are the Snapchat filters. These filters can spice up videos and make goofing around quite easy. From bunny ears to cat whiskers, users enjoy several filters.

Just like all other apps, Snapchat also has its problems. Among common complaints is the claim that the Snapchat time filter is missing.

If you are a regular Snapchat user, then there is no doubt you are no stranger to this problem. You need not worry because the problem can be fixed quite easily.

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Fixing a Snapchat time filter that isn’t working

If your time filter on Snapchat isn’t working, do the following:

Method #1: Update your device

An iPhone restarting

This is a problem that has recently been developed on Snapchat. The problem can be entirely attributed to the recent updates made.

For the updates to work correctly, you also need to have your device updated. Most early releases of operating systems are not able to accommodate all changes within specific software.

Make sure you are up to speed to get a time filter on Snapchat.

For iOS users navigate to settings, then general, and select software update to update the phone. For Android, Go to menu, then Settings, and finally, software update.

Method #2: Update Snapchat

Simply updating your mobile device might not be enough. You may also need to update Snapchat to be able to fix Snapchat bugs.

An update is also essential if Snapchat doesn’t work at all. It is critical to note that Snapchat updates are mainly released monthly.

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If you find the Snapchat time filter is missing ensure you update the app. For Android users, check out the Google Play Store to see if the latest version of Snapchat is installed on your phone.

For iOS users check on your App store. If you get a notification of pending updates within Snapchat, ensure you allow the updates to install.

Method #3: Activate Snapchat filters

Snapchat filters

If you perform all the above updates, but still cannot be able to get Snapchat filters working, there is a good chance that the filters have been deactivated within the app.

Activate Snapchat filters by following these steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Access the additional services tab. A menu will be displayed. Make sure that the filter button is turned on.
  4. Go back to the Snapchat video, and you should be able to see the filters.

Method #4: Check stickers

In some versions of Snapchat, the speed, date, and time filters are usually added to stickers. This also goes for temperature filters.

Many users are confused with this as they rarely use the stickers button. Stickers are more customizable than filters. You can move them around and edit them.

Ensure you follow the above steps to enable Snapchat filters to work. Any of the above methods could work; it is recommended you try all the above ways before performing a reinstallation.

Reinstalling Snapchat can help fix some errors within the app. Make sure to download the latest version.

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