How to do a return on Shein and get your refund

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You can do a return on Shein for several reasons, including damaged, defective, unwanted, or wrong-sized items. You can also request a refund for any of the items you send back.

Below is all the information you need to navigate Shein’s return and refund processes.

An overview of the Shein Return policy

Before looking at the Shein return process, it is vital to understand the e-commerce platform’s return policy. Below is a detailed look at it:

  • You can send returns to Shein within 35 days of making a purchase, i.e., the date you placed the order.
  • Shein offers a free return shipping service. However, they charge a fee of $7.99 if you return a second pack on the same order.
  • You can return clothing (dresses, suits, etc.), shoes, luggage, bags, human hair wigs, furniture, and electronics.
  • Not all items are returnable on Shein. For example, bodysuits, lingerie, underwear, cosmetics, pet products, jewelry, customized products, or any item marked non-returnable on the e-commerce site are not accepted back, even within the 35-day window.
  • When sending a return, the item must be in its original, unused, and unwashed condition and in its original packaging. Tags must also be present on items like clothes.
  • Shein conducts a quality check on items you send back to decide if they meet their returns policy.

How to return items on Shein

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to do a return on Shein:

  • Go to on a web browser and sign into your account.
  • Click on the account icon (top right corner of the screen) and select My Orders.
  • Find the order containing the item you want to send back and click on Order Details.
  • Click on the Return Item button, then select the product(s) that you want to send back.
  • Indicate the reason for the return.
  • Choose your preferred refund method.
  • Chose the preferred return shipping method (UPS or USPS)
  • Print the Return Label generated on the site for use during shipping. You can also find the return label from Shein in your email inbox.
  • Securely pack your item and tape the Return Label on the package. Note: it is advisable to use its original packaging.
  • Drop the item at your nearest UPS or USPS location and ensure the package is postmarked within 35 days of the return window.
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Note: To return an item on Shein, you should ship the package to the address in the generated Return Label and not the original sender’s address.

How to get a refund on Shein

To get a refund from Shein, you must first return the item(s) with issues. Shein will then review the item to ensure it meets its returns criteria, after which the refund will be sent to you.

You can get a refund when you return items on Shein. Image:
You can get a refund when you return items on Shein. Image:

Note: if the item you sent back does not meet the Shein return policy, the company will ship it back to you (at your own cost).

When returning the item, Shein will ask you to select a refund method – how you want to receive your refund money. The accepted methods include:

  • Shein wallet
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Gift card

Depending on the selected method, the refund will be available within 24 hours and up to 15 business days.

Apart from returns, you can also get a refund from Shein if your order has not arrived. In this case, you should contact customer care to report the issue.

Once the order is confirmed to have arrived, Shein will process your refund request and send it to your preferred payment method.

Lastly, in some cases, Shein can offer a refund for an item without requiring you to return it. The Shein return system offers no-return refunds to customers at random.

The no-return refund is also reserved for special cases such as:

  • The item is inexpensive (for example, less than $10).
  • The item would be expensive to ship – Shein covers the return shipping fees. Therefore, they might decide to refund you without a return if the shipping fee is likely higher than the item’s cost.
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