10 best offline 2 player games for PS4

Tim Vickers

Competing with your friends in multiplayer video games provide a thrilling experience.

Unlike gaming against the computer, multiplayer games have an advanced level of competition because each party desperately wants to win the contest. You can play 2-player games for PS4 either online or offline.

While the internet has loads of these games that offer the best experience, you can also find top multiplayer games for PS4 offline. Even these provide an exciting experience as playing online with a larger community.

List of the best 2 player games for PlayStation 4

Whether you are interested in split-screen racing, first-person shooter, action, horror, or RPG games, here is a look at some of the top ten offline two-player games for PlayStation 4.

1. Broforce

broforce offline

Broforce is an online and local multiplayer video game that you can play with up to four people. It requires you to eliminate opposing terrorist forces by using high-end weapons.

You will experience lots of fun as you set off chain reactions and use excessive force.

2. Call of Duty Zombies

call of duty zombies offline

In this first-person shooter PS4 local multiplayer game, you and your friend have the task of surviving a wave of zombies. To do that, you must work together to unlock new areas and complete tasks.

Call of Duty Zombies is fun and entertaining and will test the two of you on how far you are willing to go to fight the waves.

3. FIFA 20

Fifa 20

FIFA 20 is a game for football fans. It is one of the most popular multiplayer games to play offline with loads of different modes to keep you and your friends entertained.

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If you want to play the game offline, the career mode is what you should consider. Through it, you can become a Manager and do everything that a typical manager at a soccer club does.

4. Helldivers

Helldivers 2 player

Helldivers allows up to four players to coordinate in co-op missions. Working as a team, you must call in strikes, use deadly weapons, and engage in a synchronised fashion to reach your goals.

The game is fun and powerful, but it has a steep learning curve.

5. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

keep talking offline

The Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is one of the best PS4 games that don’t require an internet connection. It allows players to test the limits of their friendship, communication, and teamwork.

Throughout the gameplay, you will encounter challenging puzzles and missions that increase in difficulty after each mode. If you do not work together to diffuse the bomb, you explode.

6. Laser League

Laser league

Laser League is an extraordinary game that has an appealing style and attractive gameplay. It is unique, tense, and requires players to be strategic.

If you want to win, you must be excellent with your tactics, be fast, and be good with your reflexes.

7. Minecraft

Minecraft 2 player

Minecraft is one of those two-player PS4 games offline that are best for learning but provoke overuse. You will get over-involved in the game because of its digital interactivity.

The best modes to play offline are Hardcore, Creative, and Survival.

8. Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League allows up to four players to play the game offline on split-screen. Although beginners may find the game hard to play, it is easy to understand, fluid, and allows for some competition between players.

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The best thing about it is that it is entertaining, fun, and does not limit players to what they can do with it.

9. Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein for PS4

With Wolfenstein Youngblood, you can team up with your friend and play a game that is intense to the core. It has many customization options to allow you to take part in its entire story.

But be warned that the game contains violence, use of drugs, blood, and strong language.

10. Far Cry 4

Farcry 4

Far Cry 4 is a game that boasts charismatic characters and memorable forts. It is an interesting first-person shooter game because it can take you up to 60 hours to beat it.

Throughout that time, you will experience a super-high adrenaline rush as you progress through the adventure.

Another reason to keep your PS4!

You have unlimited options when it comes to offline 2 player PS4 games. As a gamer, you can choose sports, role-playing, action, shooter, and action-adventure games, among others.

But ensure to look for a two-player game that is fun, entertaining, and competitive.

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