7 best PS4 split-screen racing games for 2-4 players

Tim Vickers

Racing games are more fun when played on split-screens through a gaming console like PlayStation. PS4 has tons of split-screen racing games that allow up to four players to play at the same time on the same screen.

You can play the games with three other players by splitting the screen into four parts. That will enable each player to play the game and even compete.

For most people, PS4 split-screen car racing games are more enjoyable because they bring players together and encourage teamwork.

Split-screen racing games encourage competition. The goal of each player is to finish the lap first or achieve the best possible lap time. But determining the best game to play can be a hurdle. That is because racing games come in different forms.

For example, you can race on water, land, or air. If you want the experience to be more enjoyable, you will have to find the best available game and play with others.

7 best PS4 split-screen racing games for 2-4 players

1. Rocket League

Rocket League PS4 split-screen racing games

If you are looking to play both soccer and race classic cars at the same time, consider Rocket League. People describe it as soccer with rocket-powered cars.

The video game allows up to four players assigned to each of the available two teams. Each player then uses a rocket-powered vehicle to hit the ball into their opponent’s goal.

Rocket League is one of the best multiplayer racing games for PS4 offline. You can also play it online, either alone or with other players.

It allows for intense split-screen action where gamers can bump into each other as they try to score points. Rocket League has many modes, and players can modify core rules.

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2. Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade video game that gets its inspiration from the classical races of the 80s and 90s, such as Top Gear, Turbo Challenge, and Rush.

It is a fast-paced, accessible, and exciting game that will hook you up to your consoles for hours. The gameplay has many curves and laps that recreate a classic arcade and gives gamers unconfined speed limits to race for fun.

You can play it on two to four split screens. Four players can play the whole tournament, endurance, and campaign mode easily.

If you play Horizon Chase Turbo, prepare to witness its outstanding visuals, tracks, and electric competition between players.

3. The Grand Tour Game

The Grand Tour

One of the best 2-player racing games for PS4 that makes split-screen races fun is The Grand Tour Game. It gets its inspiration from the episodic show of the same name hosted by Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

The Grand Tour Game features seamless transitions from the TV show to the gameplay. You will experience the original voice acting from the three hosts that brought you the TV show.

The best thing about it is that it features up to 200 playable scenes and more than 70 cars and 36 tracks. As you race with other players, you will find things a bit tense and tight until you complete your tour.

Its four-player split-screen multiplayer mode delivers over-the-top gadgets. Once you complete a tour, you will find yourself replaying it many times over and over.

4. TrackMania Turbo

TM Turbo 360

TrackMania Turbo is a racing game that focuses more on speed, stunts, and locations. As a player, you can race on more than 200 different tracks across four locations.

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It has various modes that appear within the course of gameplay. One of these is the campaign mode and Double Driver.

Double Driver mode is what makes split-screen racing enjoyable. It is a cooperative multiplayer mode whereby two players can control the same car. Up to four players can enjoy the game’s split-screen mode.

Also, there is a robust track creator that you can use to create anything during gameplay. You can also customize the game to your liking, and the track designs keep the gameplay fun and exciting.

5. WRC7: World Rally Championship


WRC7 is another impressive racing game with lots of off-road races and challenges. Unlike most racing games, WRC7 is more methodical and careful.

It tests you and others how you can adapt to sudden slowdowns and turns on off-road tracks. With split-screen mode, you can play it with up to four friends, both online and offline.

WRC7 has many stages that pass through different locations. You can drive up mountain roads where there are no rails. If you are not careful, that will leave you open to flying off the edges of cliffs.

You will encounter moments that force you to race as fast as possible through scenic villages. But if you are not careful, you will run over unexpected dips in the roads and spin into a barrel roll.

6. Gran Turismo Sport

Grand Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport is another split-screen racing game from Sony. It allows split-screen racing of up to two players. Two players can race side-by-side in both offline and online multiplayer modes.

The game mostly focuses on competitive online racing. The feature allows you to compete with the best gamers in the world.

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As a player, you have access to over 300 cars like the Porsche, 50 tracks, and 18 locations. You can also play either the Arcade Mode or Sport Mode.

During gameplay, you can modify the time and day of your race before participating. With GT Sport, you only have to put your foot down and experience a visually stunning and the most authentic racing simulator ever developed.

7. Antigraviator


Antigraviator is one of the newest futuristic split-screen PS4 multiplayer racing games. It allows players to pilot or drive anti-gravity cars of immerse agility and speed.

Throughout gameplay, you and your friends can lay traps and pick up special abilities and speed boosts. You can also select the best weapons and upgrade your vehicles to give yourself an advantage.

The mechanics of the game are simple. You assume the control of anti-gravity cars of unlimited speed and engage in outstanding races on futuristic race tracks.

When you collect a weapon, you can use it against your opponents and even take them out using a volley of rockets or a mine. The split-screen mode allows up to four players to participate in online matches.

Nowadays, many PlayStation 4 games come with a feature that allows players to split their screens. People love PS4 split-screen games because they can play with their friends and gauge their competitiveness.

For the best experience, find more entertaining race games like WRC7 or GT Sport.

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