How to play Words with Friends in iMessage

Tim Vickers

Words with Friends is one of the most entertaining games in iMessage. The game incorporates its interface with the messaging app.

Unlike Scrabble on iOS, which is mainly a solo game, you must know how to send moves to friends in Words with Friends.

This guide explains how to play Words with friends in iMessage and, more importantly, how to earn more points.

Words with Friends gameplay and rules

Before exploring the gameplay and rules, you must first download the app. To get Words with Friends on iMessage, open any message thread on the messaging app.

Select the App Store icon, and this step redirects you to the App Store. Search “Words with Friends” and download the app.

How do you invite a friend to play Words with Friends? The iOS ecosystem has a process of inviting friends to play games on iMessage. To invite a friend:

  • Go to the “Game Center” on your Settings
  • Select “Add Friends”
  • When iMessage opens, choose your friend’s contact
  • Click ‘Send’

After downloading the app and inviting a friend, you are free to play. However, you need to understand some guidelines.

Just like in Scramble, the main aim of the Words with Friends app is to create words and earn points.

The game has tiles, which have consonants, vowels, and letters. You need to manipulate and rearrange tiles to create words under the following guidelines.

  • You must connect new words with already existing words
  • Using tiles, you can make words horizontally or vertically
  • Also, enable push notifications

Sometimes, the app may not work on your device. If the Words with Friends iMessage game not working on your device, there is a big possibility that you are on older iOS versions.

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Also, your internet connection must be stable for you to play this game and other iMessage games.

Words with Friends cheats, tips, and tricks

Some of the tricks and cheats on Words with Friends include:

1. Always start small

It is advisable to play two-letter words as opposed to longer words. Longer words make you vulnerable.

However, shorter words eliminate the chance of your opponent creating lay-along words from your first move. Also, starting with shorter words helps you in avoiding unfavorable tiles.

2. Aim at colored squares

You should aim at TW, TL, DW, and DL squares. Unlike other squares, the colored squares have more points.

A word like ‘PARK’ in normal squares is equivalent to 11 points, but if the same word is in the shaded squares, you can earn up to 57 points.

3. Play defensively by concentrating on the center

Apart from aiming at big points, you should also prevent your opponent from scoring high points. The best strategy, in this case, is to play toward the center of the board.

This tactic limits your opponent in capitalizing on TW and TL combinations.


The above guideline outlines how to play Words with Friends as an experienced player.

While it is a competitive board game, create a good rapport with your opponent by occasionally chatting to ease tension. Also, ensure your internet is stable, and your device has iOS 10 or later.


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