Pending order on Wish – what does it mean, can you cancel?

Tim Vickers

Are you new to e-commerce platform? Or perhaps you are relatively new to online shopping altogether? 

Whatever the case, you need to be familiar with some features and terms on online shopping sites, even though they are relatively easy to use most of the time.

On Wish, one of the things you might encounter when buying items is “Order Pending.” Without knowing what this means, you might have a reason to be concerned. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore. 

Below, we have compiled everything you need to know about the “order still pending on Wish” scenario and various ways you can go about the situation.

What does it mean when an item is pending?

Order pending meaning is quite simple; it means that you have placed your order, but it has not yet begun the processing stage.

Processing involves picking of the items you have ordered from the warehouse, packaging, and shipping them.

The pending status is automatic. It occurs after you have placed and confirmed your order. It stays like this until the merchant confirms it, and the payment goes through.

Usually, the order pending status lasts for about a few hours to two days. However, you might find that your order is yet to be processed even after several days.

Why is my order still pending on Wish?

These are some of the reasons why your order has not yet entered the processing stage, even after several days:

  • If your payment did not go through: this can occur when you are using a credit card or debit card to make the payment. Your credit card company/bank can sometimes view online shopping transactions as suspicious, thus canceling them. Your order will return on pending status, as the funds have not gone through.
  • In the event there is a delay in payment approval: with some payment systems, for example, PayPal, it can take several days for your payment to be approved. The delay can also happen if your credit card information (address, name, etc) couldn’t be verified.
  • If the order is placed under review because of fraud suspicion: Wish will routinely review transactions to protect both buyers and merchants from fraud. In case your order is flagged, it will stay pending until the review is completed.
  • If there is a delay in the merchant confirming the order – the merchant must confirm that they are processing your items. If they have yet to, the order will stay pending.
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How to cancel a pending order on Wish?

Is your order still pending on the Wish app? While most of the pending issues are minor and will be resolved after a short while, a pending order that lasts a week or more might be a source of concern, not to mention inconveniencing.

Also, you could have made a mistake and wish to cancel it before the payment goes through.

On Wish, all orders are held for 8 hours, during which time you can cancel if there is an issue. You can also cancel your order if it is still pending after several days.

To cancel your order:

  • Log into your Wish account or launch the Wish app.
  • Go to “Order History” on the account dashboard to view all the orders.
  • Identify the one you wish to cancel, then click on “Customer Support.” A customer care assistant will get in touch with you and guide you in canceling it.
  • Once the order is canceled, the transaction will be stopped with no charges

In conclusion

Shopping online is supposed to be easy; place an order and then wait one or two days for it to be fulfilled. However, from time to time, you might find yourself experiencing inconveniencing problems.

A still-pending order on Wish is such a case, and it can be very frustrating if it lasts several days. Fortunately, most of the issues causing the delay can be fixed, and if not, you can cancel your order and not be charged.

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