How to organize Spotify playlists easily

Tim Vickers

Spotify is a fun and convenient way to stream music. The huge catalog available on the platform makes it a one-stop for all your favorite sing-alongs. However, due to add-ins of different types of music over time, your playlists may show a little semblance of the organization.

Without proper organization, finding a specific song from your playlist can be quite a challenge. If this describes your Spotify woes, don’t worry. There are several ways you can organize Spotify playlists and create a flawless musical experience.

Ways to organize your Spotify playlists

You can categorize your Spotify playlists using different methods. They include:

1. Organize Your Music

This is a web app that is easily the best way to organize your music library. You can use it to organize all your music and playlists, whichever way you want.

To use the tool, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your browser, open Organize Your Music
  2. Log in with your Spotify credentials
  3. Plot the playlists
  4. Click “Organize Your Music”

The software will arrange the music albums and playlists with a high degree of accuracy according to different categories and subcategories such as genres, styles, and moods. From all the organized libraries, you can save the organized playlists that you like.

The tool saves you time by giving you an accurate way to organize your playlists in a matter of minutes. Here’s a video of how it works:

Note: Make sure to verify the safety and trust of a website before you provide your login details.

2. Create folders

Creating folders on Spotify is a fun way to arrange similar playlists making it easy to find them. However, you can only create the folders on a desktop app. The good thing is that once you create them, they will appear on the Spotify app on your smartphone too.

Here are the steps you will follow to put folders on Spotify:

  1. Launch Spotify
  2. Right-click on a playlist
  3. Select “Create Folder”
  4. Name the folder
  5. Click ‘Enter’

Once you have created a folder, you can drag a playlist and drop it in the folder. You can also create another folder within a folder by right-clicking and selecting “Create Folder” once you are in one folder.

3. Filter the playlists

The filter option can help you manage Spotify playlists. You can filter your playlists by following these steps:

Directions for desktop:

  1. Choose ‘Filter’ at the top of the lists
  2. On the Filter button, type a search term
  3. The titles containing your search term will appear

Directions for mobile:

  1. Find the playlist you would like to filter
  2. Pull down your screen to find a display on artists and albums
  3. Enter a search term to arrange music specific to the term

You can organize your playlists in any form or style of your choosing. If you wish to revert to the original list of songs, you will need to erase the search term.

4. Collaborative playlists

If you have a friend with a similar taste in music, you can create organized collaborative playlists. This allows you to keep organized playlists with a little friendly help.

To make a collaborative list follow these steps:

  1. Open your playlists on Spotify
  2. Choose and right-click a playlist
  3. Select “Collaborative Playlist”

After completing the action, a round grey icon will appear next to the playlist. You and your friend can now share organized playlists with your favorite jams.

How to rearrange playlist on Spotify

If you would like to change the playlist order, open your playlists, click on a playlist title and drag it up or down to the position you choose.

The platform has created the above features over time to help you organize your playlists. Finding your happy, fun, or sad songs should no longer be a hassle. You can apply the features to make your morning jog or lazy time at home better with flowing Spotify playlists of your favorite music.

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