Why is Meta Business Suite not showing messages?

Jason Breton

While using Meta Business Suite, you notice several messages or comments on a post. The only problem is that you cannot see them. And when you submit a reply, it also hides the reply.

There are several reasons why Meta Business Suite not showing messages. They include:

  • The messages could have been filtered and sent to a different tab.
  • There could be a bug or issue that Facebook is trying to handle.
  • Facebook’s servers could be down.

Now that you know some of the causes, how do you fix Meta Business Suite when it is not showing messages? Try the following steps.

1. Check for server issues

One reason Facebook business messages are not showing is because of server issues.

When the server has a problem, the app will stop working, crash, or even fail to connect to the internet and fetch the messages.

You can check whether the servers are down using a third-party service like Downdetector.

Facebook's daily uptime status, as presented by DownDetector
Facebook’s daily uptime status, as presented by DownDetector

Alternatively, check social media pages like X to determine whether others have the same issue. If the servers are down, wait until Facebook restores the services.

While researching this issue, I noticed that many users also saw their messages come and go in some instances.

Refreshing your inbox or waiting it out worked in this case.

2. Clear app data

Clearing app data and cache could also help when Facebook business messenger is not working.

Follow these steps:

  • Long press the Meta Business Suite app icon on your Android.
  • Tap on App Info.
  • Go to Storage.
  • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.
Clear Cache

Restart your phone and try again. You must sign in to your account to access the inbox.

For iPhone users, uninstall and reinstall the app from the App Store and try again.

3. Facebook has filtered the messages

If messages disappeared from your Meta Business Suite inbox, Facebook’s moderation system may have filtered them.

When managing a Facebook Page, you can moderate comments, enable comment ranking, and block and review posts.

You could’ve filtered messages using this moderation system -that’s why you are not receiving them.

Note the following:

  • You may not receive messages from blocked users.
  • You may not get messages from blocked countries or users who don’t fulfil age or geographical location restrictions.

If you believe this could be the issue, go back to settings and change your filters.

  • Open your Facebook page.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Privacy.

At this point, select the filter you would like to change. The available options include Public Posts, Page and Tagging, and Blocking.

4. Disabled notifications

Meta Business Suite requires you to enable notifications on your device to receive alerts.

Check your device’s notification settings and ensure you have enabled notifications for Meta Business Suite.

5. Use the Facebook app

When you have an issue with Meta Business Suite not showing messages and you want to quickly reply, consider using the Facebook app to reply to the message.

Try the following:

  • Go to the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad (not Meta Business Suite).
  • Switch from your personal profile to the business page.
  • Go to your Notifications.

You should see all the messages. However, understand that this can be overwhelming because you must switch accounts. Therefore, you must find a solution to avoid this.

6. Open Meta Business Suite on PC

When Meta Business Suite has inbox issues on the mobile app, try opening the platform on your PC.

If it works, you may have to update the mobile app or clear app data and cache. Another solution is to update your device software.

7. Check permissions

Meta Business Suite allows multiple administrators to manage a business page on Facebook. Each administrator requires the right permission to access features.

You can change access and permissions in Meta Business Suite by doing the following:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Under Users, select People.
  • Select the name of the person whose access you want to change.
  • Under Business Account Access, select Manage.
  • Under Assigned Assets, select Manage.
  • Confirm your changes.
Meta Business Suite settings
Meta Business Suite settings for changing user permissions

If you have added a user who shares a business asset with the business account, they will be limited to the specific permissions you assign them.

Because of this aspect, ensure that each user has the correct permissions to access and view messages.

Facebook also automatically filters message requests from people not connected to your page.

Once filtered, you will not receive their messages. Therefore, check your Message Requests folder to see any filtered messages.

8. Check the login information

Most people experience this problem because they have logged in using the wrong account.

In other words, if you sign in using your personal Facebook account, Facebook Business Suite may not show messages.

Therefore, change identities to the business page administrator even if you did not use the same account for both.

Also, if you manage your Facebook through a scheduler other than Meta Business Suite, consider deactivating it and logging in from Facebook or Meta Business Suite.

A scheduler like Hootsuite may stop you from seeing the Sent by if one administrator responds through it.

9. Insufficient demographic information

When using Meta Business Suite, you must provide enough information about your business or its target audience.

However, if this information is insufficient, the app may be unable to display relevant messages. Therefore, fill in all the necessary details in your account settings.

Besides providing enough information, you may encounter an error that says Demographic data isn’t available whenever you view insights about your audience. The insights may include their age, gender or location.

When you see this message, your account does not have enough Instagram followers or Page likes to generate the data you want.

According to Facebook, you require over 100 Page likes or Instagram followers spread across 45 cities to view insights by city. However, the data limits vary depending on the insight you want to view.

Thus, if you come across a demographic error, try the following:

  • Set up your Facebook business Page afresh.
  • Grow your Page audience and engagement.

Consider boosting your posts to promote your Page and grow your audience.

10. Contact Facebook support

If none of the above solutions work, contact Facebook support services. The team will guide you on what to do to find a solution.

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