Lyft app not working? Here’s a fix

Tim Vickers

Lyft app not working is one of the most dreaded moments by drivers and passengers likewise. The app always offers convenience but there are days that things don’t go according to plan.

There are errors that Lyft app users experience over time.

In some instances, you find Lyft GPS not working or Lyft not getting rides. This is usually caused by a dome system error or the wrong configuration of the app. Luckily there are several available fixes for the various Lyft app errors.

How to fix Lyft app not working error

Below are some key steps to follow when solving Lyft driver problems.

Step 1: Update your phone’s settings and software

This is one standard procedure that applies to Lyft app complications. System misconfiguration is the main cause of any faulty app.

Since the app requires connectivity and permissions to run on your phone, you need to get the setting right.

Keeping your phone updated also ensures you do not run into future errors. Many application updates are usually designed for the latest system software releases.

Go settings and navigate to Device Options and acquire any latest or pending update available for your device.

Step 2: Close unnecessary apps

When you find the Lyft app still loading after connecting it for a while, you may be experiencing unwanted application jams.

This is means that you are running multiple applications at the same time which in turn slows down your device’s overall performance.

Many apps will compete for resources such as internet connectivity with your Lyft app-only making it slow. To solve this problem, close all apps that are not of immediate importance.

  1. Double press your home key on iOS devices to list all running apps. For Android users, press the rectangle key at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select from the list of unwanted apps and swipe up to close them.

Step 3: Restart your Wi-Fi network

There are instances when your connectivity is really the main issue affecting the app. In such a case a network reboot is necessary.

To do this you can simply activate aeroplane mode and wait for a few minutes. After about 3 minutes you can turn the mode back off. This will refresh the network connection whether cellular or wi-fi.

Step 4: Change locations

This is recommended when Lyft not getting rides. There are certain areas where network coverage is quite weak. Such an area will have problems when connecting to the app.

You may also be at a location where your service provider does not have coverage. This becomes impossible to connect the application.

Step 5: Redownload the app

You can also make a safe judgment to uninstall and reinstall the application again. A simple reinstallation will help solve issues within your app or system configuration.

The new set-up will prompt you to provide information afresh ensuring accuracy in the process. After reinstalling the application, restart your phone before launching it.

Step 6: Clear your cache

When you are updated that Lyft continues to the portal not working, you can always clear your browsing data to fix this. This applies to the website version.

  1. First, reload the webpage
  2. Clear history, cookies, and data
  3. Open another page on another tab to check connectivity.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to fix Lyft when the app isn’t working on your device. If you’ve tried all these steps and nothing seems to work, the app’s servers might be down.

In this case, you can either contact the company, check for any announcements on social media, or give it some time before you retry.

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