What does the gray arrow mean on Snapchat?

Tim Vickers

Snapchat provides a unique social experience that allows you to share messages and snaps with friends. However, as the app grows and more features are added, some can become confusing. One of these features is app icons. The gray arrow, in particular, can be very confusing.

Gray arrow meaning on Snapchat

The empty gray arrow on Snapchat means that someone has not accepted your friend request or has blocked you. If you haven’t chat with the person before, then he or she hasn’t accepted your friend request. On the other hand, if you have chat before, then that means he or she has removed or blocked you from accessing their Snapchat.

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One simple way to determine if you have really been blocked is to tap and hold the person’s name until his or her snap code shows. If their snap score shows, then you aren’t blocked yet.

An empty gray arrow means that your request has been rejected. It can also mean that your friend request has been pending for a while and was deleted.

Snap says delivered but there is a gray arrow?

If the Snap says delivered but the gray arrow shows, it means the recipient deleted you after receiving (not reading) your snap. A read snap will be marked as “Received.” Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it in this case.

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Another possible cause could be the recipient has changed his or her settings to only receive snaps from friends, yet you haven’t been added as a friend. Unless the setting is changed or you are added as a friend, he or she wouldn’t be able to see, let alone open the snap.

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Can someone see a pending snap

You cannot see a pending snap if you haven’t added the sender to your friends’ list yet. If you are the sender, a pending snap can also mean that you have been blocked. However, it can also mean that the receiver wasn’t connected to the internet at the time of sending the snap. In this case, it should change to “Delivered” after a short time. If it stays “Pending” for days, then you might have been blocked.

Hopefully, you have now understood what the gray arrow means on Snapchat. Check out more of our Snapchat guides to learn more about using the service.

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