Game Pigeon Mini Golf strategy, hacks, tips, and tricks

Jason Breton

Mini Golf is one of the popular game series available on Game Pigeon, a text-based gaming app for iOS. The game generally lets players to take turns bagging holes on a golf pitch.

It also allows multiple players to participate, which makes it quite competitive.

Like any other competitive game on iMessage, Mini Golf requires a player to put some thought into their gameplay. There are a few ways to improve your overall play and make the game more fun.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your Mini Golf scores.

1. Understand the game’s objectives

It is important to know the objectives before you play Mini Golf on iMessage. The aim is to score more points than your opponent in the fewest rounds possible.

To do this, you have to make accurate shots and manipulate the ball well.

2. Select an ideal opponent

The opponents you face will greatly influence how your matches go. If you are a beginner, consider playing with someone closer to your skillset.

This will give you time to learn while still being competitive in the match. Start with friends before joining challenging tournaments.

3. Work on a strategy

Strategies are important as they will guide you and offer consistency in your gameplay. Once you develop a successful strategy, you can use it against different players to gain an edge.

A simple but effective strategy would be to always take your shots fast. This will allow you to mount pressure on your opponent making them prone to mistakes.

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4. Be creative when playing

You should always use available options to make creative moves. Pay attention to the directional guide to be able to angle shots well.

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Another useful tip is to use a straight object to project the ball’s bounce direction. This allows you to power up shots a lot more and still be able to estimate the reach.

5. Follow your opponent’s moves

One good way to beat an opponent in Mini Golf is by watching their moves closely. Use moves that have only worked for them when hitting the ball.

This is one of the Mini Golf cheats that is widely used. Observing the way the ball moves is important because the same rules will apply to your turn.

6. Always use powered shots in tight spaces

Use high-power shots to go past obstacles easily. Tight spots and obstacles require you to power your shots to get the correct bounce.

One of the Mini Golf hacks on GamePigeon is aiming at corners to get a lucky spring back.

Make sure you spend some time playing the game to improve your overall ratings. Constant matches will help you to learn new techniques and in turn improve your scores.

Also, experienced players can help you improve your game.

Game Pigeon Mini Golf is a fun game that requires concentration. It is important to avoid sudden distractions as they can easily affect your shots. The game is ultimately enjoyable once you master the above tips and tricks.

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