Top 7 Angie’s List alternatives that are free to use

Tim Vickers

Have you ever tried searching for local home improvement service providers in your area? Well, you’ll admit that it is quite tiresome. And that’s why most people prefer to conduct a search online.

Of the available online services, Angie’s List has proven to be one of the most reliable. This app lists service providers, who are rated by their customers based on the quality of their services. 

Through these reviews, other individuals looking for similar services can be able to choose reliable providers with ease.

The only problem is that Angie’s List has membership plans that you have to subscribe to in order to get access to verified reviews and get help if there is a conflict between you and your service provider.

If you want to cancel your Angie’s List membership plan and instead get a free service that provides reliable home contractors whenever you need them, then this list of Angie’s list alternatives is meant for you.

List of the best free Angie’s List alternatives

These are the best sites like Angie’s List:

1. Yelp

Yelp is a business directory and a consumer review platform that connects businesses with consumers. It has two platforms, a website, and a mobile app. Yelp works in two ways, the first one being local business listing.

Listed businesses include restaurants, bars, hair salons, handyman businesses, schools, hotels, dentist offices, among others.

The second part of Yelp is consumer reviews. Once a customer has purchased a service or product, they can post their reviews and rate the business (from 1 to 5 stars) based on the quality of the service.

Other consumers can then use these ratings as a guide when purchasing products/services from the business.

2. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another one of the top Angie’s List competitors. It is a non-profit organization that is geared towards improving trust between consumers and businesses.

To this effort, the organization maintains a searchable database of businesses (both traditional and e-commerce ones) based on their local locations.

Customers can review these businesses once they purchase a service or product from them, thus guiding other consumers when they are looking for similar services.

BBB also allows customers to lodge complaints against businesses listed on their database. This can help in dispute resolution, or warn other consumers of unscrupulous businesses.

3. Google Local

Google Local is another one of the best apps like Angie’s List. It is a free business forum where business owners can list their brands, increase their online visibility, and guide consumers towards their locations.

Google Local also allows customers to review and rate businesses. This, combined with the Google Maps information of the businesses serves as a great resource for helping users find the best spots to get quality services and products.

4. Porch

Porch is another one of the top free websites like Angie’s list that guide consumers in finding local services.

However, it only specializes in home renovation and repair projects and works by connecting consumers to reliable contractors and experts.

On the site, the consumers enter their project details, including job description, location, pictures, budget estimates, etc. The site then connects you with professionals in your area, who are qualified for the job.

When choosing your desired pro, customers can look at licensing, company info, previous projects, and customer reviews. If they are satisfied with their qualifications, they can then hire them.

Once the project is completed, they will then have an opportunity to review and rate the business/professionals.

5. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is another one of the most popular home services websites that offer similar services to Angie’s List.

Through the site, consumers can access a range of resources, including tips for estimating the budget for your project, guides on how to hire and find the right contractor, etc.

HomeAdvisor also lists businesses based on their neighborhood, with general information about them that helps consumers find them with ease.

On top of that, it allows for consumers’ reviews, which help other individuals find reliable businesses to use.

6. Houzz

Houzz is another top alternative to Angie’s List, which is more similar to Porch and HomeAdvisor in their service offering.

It specializes in helping consumers find reliable contractors and professionals to renovate their homes and outdoor premises.

To this end, it has a directory of professionals, which the consumers can access based on their location. These listings also include reviews of past consumers.

Aside from business listings, Houzz also offers tons of advice and a myriad of resources to help users in their home improvement projects.

For example, the site offers tools and tips to help with designing a home. Users can also buy home furnishings through Houzz, as well as access advice on home care, decoration tips, etc.

7. Nextdoor

Nextdoor Prides itself as a private social network for neighborhoods. Through the website, individuals can be able to connect with their neighbors and keep up to date with what is happening in their locality.

Among the resources that Nextdoor offers include a local listing for businesses. Customers can then recommend reliable and trustworthy businesses and professionals to other users in their neighborhoods.

The site is great for finding all types of businesses and services, from restaurants, bars, salons, dentist offices, real estate businesses, and agents, etc.

Getting a contractor has never been that easy!

If you are looking to find services, products, or spots to check out near you, the above are some of the top Angie’s List alternatives.

They offer a range of tools and resources, from business listing, reviews, and ratings, to advice, guides, tips, and recommendations from the sites themselves, experts, and even other users.


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