OpenSpace AI’s New Updates Make Quality Control in Construction Projects Easier

At a glance:

  • Mobile push notifications for new captures and assigned Field Notes
  • Intuitive capture paths overlaid on 360° images for more straightforward navigation
  • Ability to define zones and associate Field Notes
  • Identification of overhead captures for specialized inspections
  • Mobile navigation improvements for quicker access
  • Improved BIM Compare experience for better performance

OpenSpace AI, a leading construction tech company, has introduced a series of powerful new features to facilitate quality control and coordination directly from the job site. 

The updates include mobile navigation improvements, push notifications, capture paths, Field Note zones, overhead capture identification, and enhancements to the BIM Compare experience.

These updates allow your field teams to efficiently document progress, identify issues through an unparalleled visual record, and collaborate for faster resolution. This will help reduce rework and keep your projects on schedule.

What’s New on OpenSpace?

The new version of OpenSpace comes with the following features:

1. Mobile Push Notifications

You and your team will now receive instant push notifications on your mobile devices when new site captures are available, or Field Notes (digital notes tagged to specific locations) are assigned. 

This streamlines coordination by immediately alerting relevant personnel about updates requiring attention while working on-site.

2. Capture Paths

Navigating and analyzing OpenSpace’s visual documentation of your site just got incredibly intuitive with new capture paths

These overlay walking paths directly onto the immersive 360° photos using modern 3D graphics, allowing you to quickly visualize and access specific areas of interest within a capture.

3. Field Note Zones

Create custom field notes for different zones in your construction project
Create custom field notes for different zones in your construction project. Image:

Once issues are identified, you need an efficient way to organize and track that documentation until resolution. 

With custom Field Note zones, you can now define labeled zones within your project, like “east parking garage” or “north wing”, to categorize Field Notes based on their location.

4. Overhead Capture Identification

For trades like MEP (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing), drywall, and others where careful ceiling inspections and overhead details are needed, this next addition is a game-changer. 

OpenSpace now automatically identifies and flags any images captured above typical head height as “overhead” captures.

With one click, you can filter all documentation to show only these specialized overhead views. Thus, you won’t waste time sifting through hundreds of images to find those crucial ceiling inspections.

5. Mobile Navigation Improvements

OpenSpace has also simplified navigation within their mobile app, so anything you need to do on-site is just a tap away on your phone or tablet. 

A new bottom navigation bar lets you quickly jump to commonly used features like Field Notes and project sheets. There’s also a new slider for flipping through site capture images to view that location rapidly across different periods.

6. BIM Compare Enhancements

The newly updated feature lets you overlay your project's BIM model and 3D designs without lagging or stuttering issues
The newly updated feature lets you overlay your project’s BIM model and 3D designs without lagging or stuttering issues.

OpenSpace’s BIM Compare feature allows you to overlay your construction projects’ Building Information Models (BIM) and 3D design files directly onto the visual documentation captured with OpenSpace.

With this update, OpenSpace has made some tweaks to the BIM Compare experience that should improve performance issues like lagging or stuttering when newly uploaded BIM 3D models are first integrated. 

The enhancements also extend to general usability improvements across all BIM models within the platform.

Reported Bugs After the Update

While these new quality control tools are powerful, some users have reported bugs after the update:

  • Unable to create an account: Several users report being unable to access OpenSpace Capture to create a new account and log projects.
  • Too slow: The app runs extremely slowly, with substantial lag times when navigating between different views and features.
  • Crashing reports: The app frequently crashes when users attempt to select an existing project or initiate a new 360-degree photo capture.

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