Disney Dreamlight Valley’s New Big Updates to Improve Interactivity With Friends

At a glance:

  • You can use your Royal Tools while visiting friends’ Valleys for activities like mining, fishing, gardening, and digging.
  • Players will receive gifts and letters from in-game Disney characters inspired by Animal Crossing.
  • The paid “A Rift in Time” DLC expansion will continue with its second act later this year.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting a major update focused on enhancing social gameplay and bringing players together. Developer Gameloft has revealed new multiplayer features that promise to deepen bonds between friends and beloved Disney characters. 

The additions give you new ways to interact and collaborate with other players for a stronger sense of community. With deeper engagement and continued story content, this update could elevate Disney Dreamlight Valley’s already charming life simulation experience.

What’s New on Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Here are the key new features coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley’s multiplayer experience:

1. Use Royal Tools During Valley Visits

The new cooperative gameplay options allows you to team up with your friend in mining rare gems, fishing, and gardening
The new cooperative gameplay options allows you to team up with your friend in mining rare gems, fishing, and gardening. Image: Instagram/disneydreamlightvalley

You can now use tools like picks, fishing rods, and shovels, while visiting a friend’s valley. This provides exciting new opportunities for cooperative gameplay. Players can engage in activities like mining gems, fishing, and gardening together.

Mining rare ores with a friend will be especially rewarding. You might spot a glittering vein of gold or a cache of precious gems that would be too difficult to extract alone. 

By teaming up and taking shifts hammering away at the rock face, your chances of success are much higher. It also makes the experience more enjoyable to share in such discoveries alongside a pal.

With these new cooperative options, every valley visit becomes a uniquely engaging shared experience that strengthens the bonds of friendship in Dreamlight Valley.

2. Receiving Gifts and Letters

Taking inspiration from Animal Crossing, you will now start receiving gifts and letters from Disney characters through your in-game mailbox. 

Logging in each day to find a new surprise waiting for you makes Dreamlight Valley feel vibrantly alive.

These small personalized touches enhance your interactions with your beloved Disney figures. 

3. A Rift in Time DLC Continues

The Rift in Time DLC will add two thrilling acts in 2024
The Rift in Time DLC will add two thrilling acts in 2024. Image: epicgames

The highly anticipated “A Rift in Time” DLC expansion for Disney Dreamlight Valley kicked off in grand fashion last December. However, this time-bending adventure is far from over, with Gameloft promising two more thrilling acts set to arrive throughout 2024.

Act 1 introduced players to the ancient ruins of Eternity Isle, split across three distinct biomes: Ancient’s Landing, Glittering Dunes, and Wild Tangle. Each area brought new challenges, exotic flora and fauna, and the promise of uncovering the Isle’s enigmatic past. 

Fans were also treated to new characters like EVE, the guardian of the mighty Royal Hourglass, and familiar faces like Rapunzel and the ever-thirsty Gaston. 

While details on the subsequent parts are still under wraps, Gameloft has teased that additional fan-favorite Disney characters will join the ever-expanding cast of Villagers in the forthcoming acts. 

Reported Bugs After the New Updates

While the new social features and “A Rift in Time” expansion has brought excitement to the Valley, some players have encountered bugs and issues following the latest patch. 

Here are some of the most commonly reported problems:

  • Performance and Stability Issues: These include frequent game crashes across multiple platforms when accessing certain areas or placing specific furniture items. There have also been reports of severe lag and stuttering when equipping cosmetic items like the Candle Hat. 
  • Gameplay and Progression Bugs: Several key quests, such as those involving Belle and the Beast, have become stuck or impossible to progress for specific players. Also, some paid content like the Ghostly “Zero” Fox Bundle or the Tower of Terror furniture piece may fail to appear in players’ games despite being purchased.
  • Technical and Server Issues: Many users have struggled to connect to online services, or access cloud saves, with error messages like “Cannot connect to the Internet” or “Game Initialization Error” frequently popping up. Attempting to make in-game purchases or buy items from Scrooge’s Store results in transaction errors for some of the player base.

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