Tekken 8 New Features and Updates in April 2024

At a glance: 

  • Fan favorite Eddy Gordo rejoins the playable roster
  • New Tekken Fight Pass adds recurring online rewards 
  • Cyberpunk-themed costume packs and customization items

April 2024 marks a massive content overhaul for Tekken 8. Version 1.04 delivers sweeping gameplay enhancements, a meticulous rebalancing effort across the entire character roster, and the highly-anticipated comeback of the beloved capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo to the playable line-up.

There are also new monetization options like the Tekken Fight Pass to provide an ongoing stream of exclusive rewards. Customization also gets a boost with futuristic “Cyber Pack” costume bundles and legacy outfit additions.

What’s New in Tekken 8?

You’ll enjoy these new features in Tekken 8:

1. Eddy Gordo Joins Playable Cast

The fan-favorite fighter Eddy Gordo rejoins the playable cast in Tekken 8’s latest 1.04 update after being absent from Tekken 7. 

If you own the Playable Character Year 1 Pass you gain 72-hour early access to Eddy before he becomes available for your individual purchase.

This pass nets you access to all yearly character additions as soon as they release. It’s included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Tekken 8 for those who prefer the premium bundle route.

Eddy Gordo rejoins the playable cast in Tekken 8
Eddy Gordo rejoins the playable cast in Tekken 8. Image: Bandainamco

2. Tekken Fight Pass Unlocks Ongoing Rewards

An all-new Tekken Fight Pass system makes its debut, providing players with an opportunity to earn a steady stream of exclusive rewards simply by playing online. It operates on a tiered, subscription-style setup similar to battle passes in other games.

During each Fight Pass period, you can increase your level by completing daily and weekly missions tied to performance in online ranked matches. Hitting new level milestones unlocks an assortment of character customization items, new intros/outros, player title accessories, and more.

The premium paid tier offers even more luxurious rewards including unique costume sets and Tekken Coins – a new virtual currency. These coins can then be spent in the Tekken Shop to purchase a la carte items.

3. New Customization Items in the Tekken Shop

Speaking of the Tekken Shop, it’s been restocked with several new items perfect for avatar customization. Two futuristic-themed costume pack bundles – “Cyber Pack 01” and “Cyber Pack 02” – provide sleek high-tech skins for all current and upcoming characters.

If you are a fan of the soaring ninja Yoshimitsu, you can also grab his iconic legacy costume from previous entries. And if you like Eddy Gordo you could snag a special Eddy-inspired avatar skin at launch.

More character-specific items and bundles are expected to cycle through the Shop’s offerings consistently throughout the year.

4. Gameplay Improvements and Refinements 

In addition to the new content, Tekken 8 receives a major gameplay update focused on bug fixes, polish, and balance changes. They include the following:

Practice Mode:

  • Fixed restarting issue and corrected frame data/combos displays
  • Addressed throw execution and Punish Training move selection

Replay & Tips:

  • Corrected text issues in the replay TIPS system

Character Moves:

  • Adjusted special styles to prevent unintended move behavior
  • Fixed low parry issues with certain commands
  • Refined tornado moves to properly trigger stage gimmicks after wallsplats
  • Standardized throw escape windows and break visuals
  • Smoothed out wall break and breakable object interactions
  • Addressed delayed Rage Art KO confirmations

Heat Mechanics:

  • Fixed clashing issues between Heat Engagers and throws
  • Corrected air combo resets after using Heat Burst
  • Improved Heat Dash activation consistency
  • Prevented Heat Timer effect from persisting between rounds

An extensive list of character-specific adjustments was also implemented, focused on:

  • Fixing inconsistent tracking/whiffing issues on multi-hit moves
  • Realigning hurtbox/hitbox interactions
  • Correcting unexpected move branches from command inputs
  • Adjusting damage values and recovery frames for balance

5. Competitive Balance Outlook 

The 1.04 patch delivers a comprehensive rebalancing aimed at promoting a healthier competitive meta. Underperforming characters received strategic buffs to better showcase their unique movesets against the stronger cast members.

However, the update also addressed specific overpowered moves and combos that previously exhibited disproportionate strength. These tactics have been nerfed to prevent any single fighter or strategy from becoming drastically dominant.

The goal was to uplift underrepresented characters while ensuring no part of the diverse roster becomes overwhelmingly overpowered compared to the rest. A delicate balance was struck between buffing the weak and reining in the overly strong.

Reported Issues After the Tekken 8 Update

Some players have reported the following issues after installing the Tekken 8 version 1.04 patch:

  • Incompatible old replay data: Downloaded replay files from before the 1.04 update are now incompatible and cannot be viewed or loaded into the game.
  • Online replays deleted: Any online match replays that were uploaded prior to 1.04 have been completely deleted from the servers and are no longer accessible.

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