Snapchat voice changer not working? Fix!

Tim Vickers

The recent feature of Snapchat allows you to change your voice without needing the help of third-party apps.

The voice changer can be used when recording a live video or can also be applied to previously recorded videos. The range of filters varies from robot to cat filters.

When working the filters help users have more confidence when doing their videos. There are instances when you find the Snapchat voice changer is not working.

This interrupts video recording for most users. Luckily, like most errors Snapchat experiences you can fix the voice changer with a few tweaks.

Here are the methods;

Solution #1: Update Snapchat

Updating Snapchat is important for any feature to work perfectly. New updates usually come with fixes for several bugs experienced.

Regularly check for all available updates. You can also provide permissions for Snapchat to automatically update after a new update is released.

All the latest filters are usually optimized to be compatible with the latest releases of Snapchat.

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Go to your Apps menu and find Snapchat. Check for updates and if there are any available download and install.

Solution #2: Check your device compatibility

This is an equally key factor when using Snapchat. Not all devices will support all available apps.

This is no exception with Snapchat voice changers. There are devices that will have exceptions on what can be run on Snapchat.

Android devices like LG and Samsung phones are not compatible with Bee and Helium which are key Snapchat voice changers.

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There is not much that you can do if your device does not support Snapchat filters.

The outright solution for this case would be to switch your handset to a compatible one. Alternatively, perform a device update to see if it works.

Solution #3: Third-party applications

You can also do a voice changer on Snapchat by using a third-party app. Third-party apps will work well to change your voice like the native Snapchat filters.

To use another app like a voice filter on Snapchat you need to record your video with your normal camera first.

You have to upload the video on Snapchat and from the list available select the desired filter. Turn on Snapchat voice changer and voice change FX will filter the voice.

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The third-party application will also offer additional features when applying filters. This can particularly be used with devices incompatible with some Snapchat filters.

If you follow the methods given carefully Snapchat filters should work effectively. If you apply certain filters and they don’t work as desired you can also remove the filters.

Remove voice changer on Snapchat by turning the feature off in Snapchat. This should allow you to maintain your original voice.


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