How to fix My BMW app when it is not working

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My BMW app can do a lot of things for you. For example, it can help you view your vehicle’s location, update the vehicle’s software, check your fuel level and range, and operate your car remotely.

So, when the My BMW app is not working on Android or iOS, you will miss immediate access to your vehicle’s status and functions.

When that happens, you must determine the root cause of the problem, troubleshoot it, or fix it immediately to gain functionality.

It is easy to notice whether the My BMW app is not working.

For example, you fill the vehicle’s tank, and the range shows 500 miles. Then, you try refreshing the app, but the data does not change, or the app is not showing the fuel level.

Another example is when you open the app and see a black screen.

Why My BWM app is not working

Several factors can explain why the app is not working, including:

  • The app is out-of-date.
  • BMW has a system-wide issue.
  • You do not have a stable internet connection.
  • You have not activated the app.
  • You have entered incorrect login credentials.

The app will also stop working if the security code connecting the vehicle to the app is invalid.

My BMW app

Troubleshooting My BMW app when it is not working

You can fix the My BMW App if it is not working by determining the root cause of the problem.

We’ve compiled several issues you may encounter and explained how to troubleshoot or fix them.

1. Check the validity of the security code

When you add your car to the My BMW app, you must enter a security code in your app to proceed. Then, BMW sends the code to your vehicle.

Note that the code is only valid for three hours. But you can request a new security code in the app under the Vehicle and Garage tab if the time elapses.

Only the last code is valid if you request the code several times. In this case, delete all messages received in your BMW and wait another seven hours to request a new security code.

2. How to troubleshoot no active subscription

You may encounter an issue whereby the My BMW app shows no active subscription. When that happens, you will not have remote access to your vehicle.

However, you can troubleshoot this issue in different ways.

  • Close and launch the app again.
  • Log out and log back into your account.
  • Reset your data and settings in your BMW. Go to CAR menu > Settings > General Settings > Reset Vehicle Data or Menu > System Settings > Reset Vehicle Data. All stored settings will be cleared, allowing you to create new settings.

Another option is to go into the settings in your BMW car and accept Privacy Settings to allow BMW to track your data.

But if the issue persists, use your vehicle to call BMW for assistance.

3. How to fix location issues on My BMW app

When the My BMW app is not updating location, the issue could be a server glitch on BMW’s side, unstable internet connection, unsupported location, or an outdated app.

You can troubleshoot it by first ensuring the vehicle is out in the open and trying again.

Alternatively, ensure you have activated the Bluetooth function in your mobile device and BMW, enabled location services in the app, and changed your privacy settings in iDrive to All Vehicle Services.

If that does not work, reset the head unit within the vehicle. Here is how:

  • Hold down the power button down for 70 seconds.
  • The iDrive screen will turn off and reboot for around 25 to 70 seconds. However, continue holding the power button for the entire 70 seconds.
  • After 70 seconds, release the power button.
  • Wait for iDrive to reboot.
  • Go to iDrive and click Apps.
  • Press Option.
  • Select Update apps and services.
  • Your vehicle will undergo a short update.

BMW app

Once done, uninstall the My BMW App from your phone and then reinstall the app. Make sure to download the latest version. It should update your vehicle’s location.

Also, understand that BMW only displays your vehicle’s location within a radius in the My BMW App, which is 1.5 kilometres around your car.

Therefore, location services may not work if you are far from the vehicle.

4. The app is not showing fuel level

My BMW app does not show fuel level or range because the function is unavailable in vehicles produced before 2016.

BMW optimized the display status information in the My BMW App for cars within a BMW iDrive main menu in the form of tiles.

The brand no longer supports transferring status information via USB or snap-on adapter for such vehicles. You may have to update the app if the information is missing in newer models.

5. Why My BMW app is not showing my car

When the My BMW app is not showing my car, first log out of your account and try again. If the option does not work, update the app by going to the device’s application store.

Also, check to ensure you have changed privacy settings in iDrive to All Vehicle Services.

Suppose your car is in a location with inadequate cellular coverage. In that case, the BMW’s embedded telematics system will not perform well, and the app will not show your vehicle or its location.

6. Check your internet connection

4G network

The My BMW App requires a stable internet connection for most of its services. If your connection is unstable, you will get many issues with app updates, location services, and vehicle status.

Thus, ensure you have enough mobile data to connect to the internet and only use a 4G internet connection.


The My BMW app is not working because it is out-of-date, the internet connection on your phone is unstable, or BMW has a system-wide issue.

However, you can fix most problems with the app by ensuring you have a stable internet connection and that you update the app.

Alternatively, you can troubleshoot location issues by giving location permissions to the app, accepting BMW privacy settings, parking your car in an area with adequate cellular coverage, and resetting the head unit within the vehicle.

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