How to delete messages on the Reddit app

There are several ways to delete messages on the Reddit app whether you want to keep your inbox organized, remove private conversations, and delete messages that you don’t need anymore.

However, deleting messages on the Reddit app is not as straightforward as one would want it to be. That is because you can only delete the chat messages you sent to a user, not the ones you received.

If you have the Android or iOS app, you can delete a chat message by pressing and holding the specific message you sent and then deleting it.

However, Reddit app does not allow you to delete all messages at once. The web browser also does not offer the option.

How to delete messages on the Reddit app

To delete messages from the Reddit app:

  • Open the Reddit app on your phone.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the Notifications or Messages section.
  • Find a specific message that you want to delete. You can only delete a sent message.
  • Press and hold the message.
  • Select Delete Message to confirm.

The steps above will delete sent messages on Reddit.

Reddit app

How to use your browser to delete messages on the Reddit app

Reddit synchronizes your data across devices. In other words, posting something via the web browser will appear in the app.

Therefore, you can use the same concept to delete messages in your Reddit inbox in your browser and remove them from the app. Do the following:

  • Go to on a web browser.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click the notification icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select Messages.
  • Search for the specific message that you want to delete.
  • Hover over the message, then click on the trash icon to delete the message.
  • Confirm your selection.

You will have to repeat the procedure for each message you want to delete. The message will not appear in your Reddit app. Also, you can use the same steps to delete welcome bot messages.

Can the other person see a message on Reddit if you delete it?

When you delete a message on Reddit, it will be removed from your inbox and the recipient’s inbox. Keep in mind that you can only delete messages that you sent. Not those you’ve received.

However, when you delete your Reddit account, all your sent messages will still appear in the other person’s inbox but without your username. Your username will be replaced with [deleted].

The recipient must delete the messages from the inbox if they wish not to see them.

Make sure to delete sent messages before deleting your account if you don’t wish the other party to retain them.


The Reddit app does not offer a straightforward way of deleting all messages from your inbox at once. However, you can delete sent messages in your chat one by one.

To do this, go to messages, find a message you want to delete, press and hold on the message, and select Delete Message to remove it from your inbox.

Once you delete private messages, the recipient will not see them.

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