Dasher app not working? How to fix!

Tim Vickers

Dasher app not working is among the most dread notifications one can get. The DoorDash app offers convenience when ordering and it is relied upon by many users.

The working hours and quick delivery time have turned the app into a necessity for many people.

However, just like any app in the market, the Dasher app faces its own share of issues. The issues range from client-based to employee end issues.

The main error was the Doordash payment issue. Others include the Dasher app not working and login failed. To fix these problems, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Check your internet connection

The basic thing that will cause the app not to work is the lack of internet connectivity. If you are making a call and the app fails to connect, force the app to close and follow the steps.

  1. Try opening a website on your mobile browser. In the event a website can load successfully, this shows that your internet is fine.
  2. Turn of your cellular data and Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Reset the Wi-Fi and cellular data back on.
  4. If the network comes back on and you can access the internet go to the next step.

Step 2: Force close the app

Closing the app allows you to take further action if the app is not responding.

  1. Open the device setting menu on your android phone while for iOS users, double-tap the home button twice in quick succession.
  2. On android, touch on apps while on iOS swipe left to find the DoorDash app and close it
  3. From the list of apps displayed on the apps menu on android, tap force close on the DoorDash app.

Step 3: Uninstall and then reinstall the app

Follow these steps:

  1. Touch on all apps on your home screen
  2. Find the DoorDash app and hold it
  3. Drag it to the top bin to uninstall
  4. Go to your Appstore and download the Dasher app
  5. Reinstall the app on your phone

Step 4: Restart your phone

After successfully downloading and installing the app, restart your phone to temporarily clear the cache. After the restart, open the Dasher and sign in to your account.

The app should be able to work properly. When installing the app, ensure you have given enough permissions for the app. The app requires your location which should be granted. If prompted, list the app as trusted on your device.

Step 5: Update your payment details

The DoorDash payment issue is mainly because of incorrect banking details given. Do the following

  1. Login to your Dasher account and check the accuracy of your banking details
  2. If your banking information is precise, you can request a payment review
  3. On the options available select payments. Your payment details will be reviewed and a report presented to you. If funding were wrongly dispersed, the necessary payment review will be made to reimburse you for your funds.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to solve the issue by following the above steps. If you are having any further issues with the app, let us know in the comment section below.

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