What to do if Chipotle messed up your online order

Chipotle’s digital-only restaurant allows customers to order their meals, such as burritos and tacos, online via the app, third-party delivery platforms, or website.

So, what do you do if Chipotle messed up your online order or if they give you the wrong order? It can be quite a frustrating experience, but there are several options you can consider.

One is to get a refund from Chipotle. You can contact them about a messed up order or demand a refund.

Let’s dive deeper and see what other options you have.

Steps to follow when Chipotle messed up your online order

It is rare for Chipotle to mess up your online order or give you the wrong order, but in case it happens, this is what you can do.

1. Double-check your order

Always counter-check your purchase to ensure there is an issue, and the fault is not yours. 

The Chipotle order detail page

It is very possible to make a mistake when placing an online order. For example, type two items instead of three, or add an item you did not intend to buy.

Ensure that the app is working properly. If not, follow these troubleshooting tips.

2. Contact Chipotle customer care

After you are sure Chipotle gave you the wrong order, the next step is to contact them about the messed up order immediately. 

The best way to contact them is via their customer care phone number or email. These are found on their packaging material.

You can also visit the “Contact Us” section on their website or the App and ask to chat with Pepper Chipotle

When sending your message, you must be very specific and give as many details as possible concerning your order, so it can easily be traced. 

Remember to include your order number, the time and date you purchased, and the problem you encountered.

3. Return the wrong order

The last step is to send back the wrong order. After Chipotle has received your complaint, you will receive further instructions on what to do from customer care to return the order.

Allow them time to investigate and resolve your issue. According to Chipotle’s return policy, if your claim is true, you may qualify for a refund, compensation, or replacement.

Still not Satisfied?

You can escalate your issue via social media if you are still unsatisfied with their response.

Go to Chipotle’s official Facebook or Twitter accounts and launch your claim. You are most likely to get a quick response. 

Chipotle's page on Facebook

You can also ask to speak with the customer care manager or a supervisor and present your grievances.

Does Chipotle allow the cancelation of orders?

Note that Chipotle does not encourage canceling an order after submitting a purchase. 

But in case you need to cancel the order, contact Chipotle via the “Contact Us” page or use their third-party’s emails.

You can also cancel a purchase made directly from Chipotle’s website or app, and you may incur a cancellation fee. 

NOTE: Purchases made via third parties or give-away do not qualify for refunds from Chipotle.

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