How to change the name of your group in Roblox

Tim Vickers

If you have played Roblox, you know that you can create a group or join one. Roblox groups give players and their friends or followers a platform to form their mini-community.

You can create a community of like-minded players and play any 3D game you want. Through it, you can assist in building, battling, and engaging in discussions. But what if you want to change the name of a group in Roblox?

The ability to change a group name and owner on Roblox has always been a hot topic. You can change the owner of a group on Roblox by following the steps below.

  • Go to Groups
  • Click on the group you want to change the owner
  • Click on Group Admin
  • Click Members
  • Search the user that you want to remove
  • Click on the drop-down box under their respective picture
  • Select a different role to assign them

You can also change group description by clicking the red X located to the right of it. But while switching roles is easy, that is a different story when trying to change group name.

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There is no way to delete a group on Roblox. When creating one, you must ensure you are getting the right name before making it. That is because there is no option to edit the title or edit group name on Roblox after you have created it.

Options for changing a group name on Roblox

Although that is the case, there is an exception to the rule that allows you to make some changes. Here is how.

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Use a name based on a brand

In the past, people could change the name of a group in Roblox after many complaints on copyright. An example is Frappe. Frappe was formerly known as Starbucks.

The name change happened after Starbucks filed a lawsuit against the gaming platform in 2015 because of copyright infringement. Roblox forced the admin to use a different title.

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Unfortunately, that is the best option you have. You will have to use a brand name in the hopes that a copyright claim will be filed against it. While it is illegal and goes against the terms of use, it will allow you to make changes.

Contact Roblox

Perhaps the best option to edit a group on Roblox is to contact the developer. Send them an email to In your mail, it would be helpful to mention the reasons for wanting to edit the title of your mini-community.

The option may or may not work depending on your motives for changing and the purpose your previous group served as well as the new group.

Ideally, consider changing the group name but keep its purpose. If your reasons are to edit both, Roblox may not allow you to have a new title.

While you can get any group name on Roblox and use it to attract more like-minded players. Unfortunately, you cannot change the name after making it. You should contact Roblox to get more information on whether you can change your group name.

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