I can’t comment on Facebook! Here’s the reason and fix

Tim Vickers

A Facebook comment allows you to respond to a post or picture on Facebook. You can make your comment by clicking on the Comment button underneath the post or click into the white box that says Write a Comment.

The next step is to type your thoughts and press the enter button on your device to publish your message. But that does not happen all the time for some users. 

Some people can’t like or comment on Facebook posts for specific profiles or accounts.

If you are unable to comment on Facebook, you may have been blocked or denied permission to comment by the owner of the post or image.

If the post doesn’t have a comment button, it could be due to a technical hitch on Facebook. If that’s not the case, the owner may have only allowed those who follow the account to comment.

Here’s a detailed look at each of these reasons and how you can go around them.

How long can you be blocked from commenting on Facebook?

If Facebook has blocked you from commenting, it will take you between 24 and 48 hours before you can have the feature restored.

The block is temporary. But in some cases, it can last up to a week if Facebook is investigating it. At this point, you cannot do anything until Facebook restores the comment feature for you.

In most cases, Facebook restricts you from commenting because:

  • You made an obscene comment.
  • Someone reported your comment to Facebook.
  • One of your comments was against Community Standards.
  • You have posted too many comments too fast, and Facebook may have detected you as a bot.

Why you cannot comment on Facebook and how to fix

If you can’t comment on a post or can’t see the comment button on all Facebook posts,  here are the reasons and fixes:

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1. The user has blocked you on Facebook

Image: Isaiah Rustad

The most common reason why you can’t post a comment on your friends Facebook page is because the person has blocked you. Facebook gives all users control over who they add as friends or block.

If the user has blocked you, it means you will not like or comment on their posts. In this case, you cannot fix the issue on your own. You will have to wait until the person unblocks you.

2. You have a browser issue

You may find that you can’t comment on your own post on Facebook because of a problem with your browser. Your browser can affect the way you interact with Facebook.

Try to fix this issue through the following steps:

  • Run Facebook using an alternative browser
  • Clear your browser data cache
  • Restart the browser and try again
  • Log out of your Facebook account if your session has expired
  • Update your browser to the latest version

You can also disable any extensions related to Facebook.

3. You do not have permission to comment on the post

If you see a friend tagged in a post or photo by someone you do not know, you can only view it but cannot comment on it.

That is because the person has made his posts private, and the people that follow their account can comment.

In this case, you will not see the Comment button. You will have to follow the account to comment.

4. You are commenting on a Facebook Live Video

Whenever a person is broadcasting a live video, Facebook allows them to apply comment moderation settings. As a viewer, it will limit your ability to comment on the live video.

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Some of the reasons you may be blocked from commenting on Facebook live video are:

  • You sent the comment too quickly.
  • The comment is too short.
  • You are not following the streamer.
  • The stream is using a protected mode.
  • You cannot comment yet.
  • You are not supporting the streamer.
  • You do not have permission to add a comment.
  • You are trying to comment on a deleted post.

You can fix the above by doing the following:

  • Post a comment on the live video once every ten seconds that is if you wish to post multiple times.
  • Ensure your comment is at least 100 characters long.
  • Follow the streamer first before you leave a comment.
  • If the streamer is using a protected mode, follow them first. You will then have to join the conversation and wait at least 15 minutes before commenting.
  • Subscribe to the page before leaving a comment.

If you cannot comment on a live video yet, your account may be less than two weeks old. In that case, join the conversation as soon as your two weeks elapse.

5. How to troubleshoot why you cannot comment on a page you moderate

Facebook Business Manager
Image: Facebook

If you have the moderator role on a Facebook page, you may not comment on posts. The reason could be a setting in Business Manager.

Pages and Notifications is a setting that prevents you from commenting on your Facebook profile when you mean to comment from the business page.

As a Business Manager administrator, you can change the Pages and Notifications setting in the Business Info section. Depending on the setting you choose, you will not comment on your posts from the business page.

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In that case, you will have to access the page from the Business Manager to comment.

Here is how:

  • If the Pages and Notifications setting is OFF, the business page will not allow you to create posts or see notifications. That means you will have to do it in Business Manager. You will only comment by going to business.facebook.com/pagename.
  • If the Pages and Notifications setting is ON, you will comment on posts from the business page. In that case, go to facebook.com/pagename and business.facebook.com/pagename to make your comment.

6. Contact Facebook support

If the above does not work, contact Facebook support. The issue may occur because Facebook is experiencing a system-wide issue affecting some of its features.

You can get support using the Facebook Help Center Page for individual accounts or the Business Help Center for business accounts.


You cannot comment on a Facebook post if the user has blocked your account. Also, you cannot comment on a picture of an account you are not following.

In other cases, the feature may not work for you because of a browser issue. If Facebook is experiencing a system-wide problem, it may affect commenting on the platform. Contact the support team for assistance.

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