Burner review: Does the temporary phone number app work?

Lillie Spikes

If many people got the chance to keep their phone numbers private, many would take it. Fortunately, that option is now a reality with Burner.

The Burner app gives you multiple phone numbers to use in any way you want. For example, you can use it as your office number to buy or sell anything online.

Also, if you prefer online dating, the app will give you a number you can use specifically for all dating sites without compromising your privacy.

Burner app lets you create your preferred number. You can use it to create unlimited local numbers in your preferred area code.

Furthermore, the application (available for iPhone and Android) allows you to communicate freely with spam blocking and muting.

The best part is that if you have been doubtful of giving your phone number to entities, you only have to use the Burner to generate a different number and maintain online anonymity.

Burner: pros and cons

Below are some of the pros of Burner;

  • It allows you to communicate freely with spam blocking and muting.
  • You can communicate privately without compromising your data.
  • It helps to organize your social circles.
  • You can get unlimited calls and texts.
  • Nobody can trace your number.
  • It is easy to use.

You can also dispose of a phone number anytime with the Burner app.

The drawbacks of using the app include;

  • It is not available worldwide. You can only use it while in the USA and Canada.

Burner does not support international roaming.

How Burner works

Burner app second number

The first step towards making your communications private is downloading the Burner app for Android or iOS. Then:

  • Launch the app.
  • Tap on Create Burner.
  • Select an area code.
  • The app will generate a list of numbers based on your area code.
  • Select your preferred number.

Once you create a number, you will have a secondary phone number connecting to your private number.

You can use it to send and receive messages or call anywhere you want. If you no longer need the Burner number, you can trash it and forget about it.

How does Burner protect privacy?

Burner forwards your selected burner numbers to your phone when someone calls you.

That ensures you stay anonymous. Also, when you call, the recipient will see the Burner number and not your original or registered phone number.

For example, if you call a person in New York City, their phone will show your Burner phone number, not your registered phone number.

Also, your phone bill will show you receive a call from your Burner app number when you receive a call.

Is Burner free?       

The Burner app for iPhone is not free. It requires a subscription to use its features and services. However, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial when you subscribe to the service for the first time.

The free trial will get unlimited calls and texts, the option to pick your local number, blocking, auto-reply, voicemail, and spam blocking.

How much does Burner cost?

The Burner app has two pricing options, monthly and yearly.

Burner app subscription

It will cost you $4.99 for the monthly billing. The annual plan will set you back $3.99 per month, billed yearly.

What are the features of the Burner app?

The app has many features, including:

Spam blocking

The app will block unsolicited calls and text messages sent in bulk. It also stops illegal and unwanted calls from reaching your phone.

Unlimited area codes

The feature allows you to choose any area code you want. It is helpful if you want to make local calls or areas where you do not live.

Organize contacts by color

You can use the app to organize your contacts by color to make it easier to track conversations or switch between lines.

Auto-reply texts

The app allows you to auto-reply texts even if you miss a call. You will also not have to type a text or tap send manually.

Picture messages

You can use the app to receive picture messages from your contacts.

Delete numbers

The app allows you to delete the numbers you have already used or switch between numbers.

The feature is helpful when other recipients notice you use a private number to call them.

Muting and blocking

If you have an annoying call or one without a caller ID, you can use the app to mute or block the number and ensure your privacy.

Three phone numbers

The application gives you up to three phone numbers to use and maintains the privacy of your registered phone number.

Can you trace the Burner phone number?

You cannot trace the phone number provided by the Burner app. This is because the app does not show your actual number when you place a call or text a number using the fake number.

Burner App

So, if you live in area code 720 and make calls with a 323 area code number, nobody will know that you are not physically in Los Angles.

What are the best applications for the Burner app phone number?

You can use a masked phone number in any context where you do not want to show your registered phone number, including:

  • Make your real location hidden from apps that track it.
  • Setting up an anonymous Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, or any online account.
  • Random verification code text messages.
  • Signing up for Postmates anonymously.
  • Setting up accounts anonymously.

You can also use the Burner app and get a phone number you can use to complete your online dating account. Apart from making your calls private, the app can also help you browse the web anonymously.

Should you install Burner?

Burner helps keep your communications private by giving you unlimited phone numbers. In addition, it will mask your original phone number and allow you to delete a number later.

The app is available for a 7-day free trial but will cost you a monthly subscription of $4.99.

Once you get the number, you can use it in different ways, including browsing the web anonymously, setting up email, dating, and social media accounts, and using it for random verification code text messages.

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