Permission Slip Informs You of Apps Collecting Your Personal Data for Sale

You leave behind a trail of personal details every time you click, search, post, or buy something online. But most people don’t fully understand how companies gather and use all this private information about them.

Companies quietly collect huge amounts of data in the background and sell it off without your knowledge, with hardly any rules or accountability for protecting individual privacy.

The new Permission Slip app by Consumer Reports sheds light on these hidden practices. Permission Slip gives you an unprecedented inside look at what digital details companies are gathering about you, who is doing the gathering, and how you can take back control.

Get Educated to Fight Back Against Data Greed

This new app aims to educate and empower you. It provides detailed explanations of prevalent data collection practices and how companies profit from personal information. 

An extensive knowledge base will also give you valuable privacy tips and best practices. You’ll leave feeling confident and prepared to make wise choices online and off.

See What 250+ Companies Know About You

The app helps you to find out the type of personal data companies collect
The app helps you to find out the type of personal data companies collect. Image: Facebook/permissionslipcr

Permission Slip promises to lighten this hidden world of data collection and brokering. The app allows users to explore over 250 top companies. You’ll be surprised by the breadth of data collected, including:

  • Your online searches and sites you have visited
  • Purchases you have made and your payment information
  • Your social media activity and interactions

Delete Your Old Accounts With One Tap

Isn’t it annoying how old profiles and accounts you signed up for ages ago linger on the internet, creating a messy digital trail? With Permission Slip, you can quickly remove those lingering data crumbs with one satisfying tap.

The app will automatically request a complete purge of your personal info from all the major tech sites and platforms you no longer use. Gone will be those years of accumulated behavioral data profiles that companies have compiled on you. 

Take Charge of Your Personal Data

For way too long, we’ve just had to accept that companies can collect and sell our personal data however they want behind the scenes. Permission Slip finally gives you a way to regain control of your personal information.

Once you see eye-opening revelations about what companies have on you, the app provides super easy tools to put your foot down. With just a couple of taps, you can demand companies respect the privacy boundaries you set.

Want to prohibit the selling of your data to shady third parties? You can make that request right from your phone. 

Moreover, you can also create a profile and tailor the app to fit your journey or specifications. For instance, on your profile, you can:

  • Select focus areas like finance, education, or health
  • Prioritize certain companies or regions for your data privacy 
  • Customize your privacy settings

For the first time, you’re calling the shots on how your sensitive personal details get handled. You don’t have to accept privacy violations anymore. 

Continuous Monitoring 24/7 and Frequent Updates

Permission Slip gives you updates on the company's infringing on your data privacy rights
Permission Slip gives you updates on the company’s infringing on your data privacy rights. Image:

In this technological century, a one-time request isn’t enough. Consumer Reports has designed its app to go above and beyond by continuously acting as your advocate. 

After you select your privacy preferences, Permission Slip will regularly check that dozens of companies brokering your data honor your requests. You’ll also receive timely updates whenever companies shift their privacy policies or new regulations emerge.

The app’s team constantly expands company profiles and adds new data categories that companies collect. Permission Slip ensures you always know the latest ways companies, websites and apps can grab your personal information. 

Available for Both iOS and Android

Permission Slip is free to download from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android. Download the app and create a secure account using your email address and phone number. 

From there, Permission Slip will present a comprehensive list of hundreds of companies that collect and trade your personal data. This list includes both well-known brands and lesser-known data brokers, offering you a fuller picture of who potentially holds your information.

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