Recycle Coach Aims to Help You Unlearn Poor Recycling Habits

When non-recyclable items are mixed into bins, entire loads are rendered unusable, driving up costs and threatening programs’ viability. The solution is that people need accessible, engaging education on proper recycling. 

This is why an app called Recycle Coach was introduced. The smartphone app was founded by Creighton Hooper to combat contamination through community engagement. Their innovative mobile app brings recycling education directly to people’s daily lives. 

With convenient features, interactive learning, and collaboration, Recycle Coach is transforming habits and empowering sustainable practices.

Grassroots Sustainability Movement

Recycle Coach’s overarching goal is catalyzing positive change by empowering citizens. As the app’s user base expands, the creators say collective contamination rates will decline through improved knowledge and consistency. 

They also cite that preserving recycling programs relies on shifting habits on a large scale. Recycle Coach is cultivating a grassroots environmental movement by facilitating widespread behavior change.

Unlearning Poor Habits

Recycle Coach offers proven techniques to help you unlearn poor recycling habits
Recycle Coach offers proven techniques to help you unlearn poor recycling habits. Image: CityofChicago

Many recycling efforts still contribute to contamination due to lingering misconceptions. Recycle Coach helps you replace ingrained poor habits with proven techniques through:

  • Confident material sorting: You learn to identify recyclables versus trash correctly.
  • Consistent routines: Customizable reminders reinforce long-term routine development.
  • Ongoing learning: Interactive elements sustain engagement and understanding of evolving guidelines.

Multi-Channel Communications Approach

Recycle Coach understands the importance of meeting residents where they are. Their solution employs a multi-channel communications approach. You can access it via the following ways:

  • Web app: Visit Recycle Coach. Enter your municipality in the provided search box. Tap enter to see how active the app is in your area. 
  • Mobile app: Recycle Coach is free to download from the App Store and Play Store.
  • Website: contains everything you need to know about the app, blogs, services offered, news from the company and much more. 

Your Personal Recycling Assistant

The app offers customized recycling resources including collection day reminders and local drop-off points for problematic items
The app offers customized recycling resources including collection day reminders and local drop-off points for problematic items

The Recycle Coach app acts as a one-stop recycling resource. It features:

  • Calendar and reminders: This feature ensures you never miss collection days with customized alerts. Schedules are synced and updated for holidays also.
  • Material search: Confidently sort any item with instant search results on recyclability based on local guidelines.
  • Drop-off information: Find depots’ locations, hours, and contact info for large or problematic items you may have.

Making Learning Engaging

Recycle Coach understands rote facts alone don’t drive behavior change. Their app incorporates:

  • Quizzes and polls: Reinforce knowledge in a fun, interactive way.
  • Blog posts: In-depth exploration of topics keeps users engaged.
  • Activities: Games and simulations make learning enjoyable for all ages.

Privacy and Security Prioritized

Recycle Coach comes with robust protections to ensure your data safety. All entries you make on the app are encrypted. 

There is also an optional biometric authentication that adds an extra layer of security. Their end-to-end encryption safeguards any information stored remotely.

Technical Support

To ensure a seamless user experience, the app has comprehensive technical support through various channels.

Go to Resident Support then fill and submit the user-friendly form. You can submit your queries or report any issues you may encounter while using Recycle Coach. 

You’re also able to report problems to your local municipality. For example, you can notify the city if bins are missing or damaged.

Available for Different Audiences

Recycle Coach recognizes that effective recycling education requires tailoring the experience for different groups. Their platform caters to residents, local governments, and businesses.

As discussed previously, the mobile app serves as a personal recycling assistant for residents. 

Recycle Coach also offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of recycling contamination and effective communication with residents. 

The platform integrates with existing waste and recycling infrastructure, allowing municipalities to upload and customize all program details, schedules, events, and recycling guidelines.

A version of the platform is also available for companies and corporate teams. It features a “Recycle Coach at Work” program that educates employees on environmental responsibility. 

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