Airchat, the New Voice Only Social Media App, Offers Walkie-Talkie Style Chats

Airchat, a social media platform co-founded by angel investor Naval Ravikant and former Tinder executive Brian Norgard, offers users a unique social interaction through voice-only chat.

Airchat differentiates itself from other platforms by enabling an entirely voice-based experience for sharing and interacting. 

This app allows you to share your thoughts and interact with others through audio rather than text. You’ll be able to express yourself more personally and build warmer relationships using the human voice.

Expressing Yourself Through Voice

At the heart of the Airchat experience is expressing yourself freely through your voice. You can speak from the heart rather than typing words on a screen. To create an audio post, just tap the microphone icon.

From here, you can record a message sharing what’s on your mind now. Maybe you want to recap a fun experience or provide an update on your day. 

Rather than struggling to find the right words to type, your genuine thoughts and feelings will flow naturally when speaking aloud.

An Immersive Social Experience

Airchat promises a more immersive and authentic social networking experience
Airchat promises a more immersive and authentic social networking experience. Image:Instagram/airchat

Airchat’s voice-first approach cultivates a heightened sense of presence, authenticity, and user connection. 

You’ll hear the true personalities behind each message rather than just words on a screen. Small cues, pauses and vocal tones can add important context missing from the text.

The option to view audio posts as either transcripts or raw recordings further enhances this immersive experience. You have the flexibility to consume the messages in a way that best suits you. 

Reading transcripts allows you to absorb posts at your own pace while listening provides a richer sense of the actual conversation taking place.

Switching between these modes also makes the Airchat feed feel more multidimensional and engaging than traditional text-based social platforms.

An Audio-Visual Feed

Like other social media giants, the app also has a feed. Within its feed, you’ll find a seamless blend of audio, images, and video from the accounts you follow. 

Each post’s dual text and voice format allows flexibility in how you engage. You can scroll through and read transcripts on the go or passively listen to posts like podcasts to get a sense of the emotion, tone and personality behind each update. 

With photos, locations and other context included alongside voice messages, the feed aims to resemble real-life conversations more closely.

Asynchronous Voice Conversations

While Airchat incorporates familiar features like following other accounts and scrolling a feed, its main value is facilitating thoughtful asynchronous voice conversations. 

Unlike live audio apps, Airchat lets you record messages at your leisure before sharing. This approach caters to your preference for more considered discussions over impromptu interactions. 

It provides a balanced middle ground between traditional written posts and real-time spoken forums.

Additional Features

The app also has the following features:

  • Adjustable playback speeds to speed up or slow down the audio as needed
  • Autoplay for passive listening while scrolling
  • Options to like, reply with text or voice, and share posts to spread meaningful conversations. 
  • Pause playback to read transcripts when useful.
  • Accompany your voice messages with relevant photos and videos for added context.

Content Moderation and Monetization

Maintaining a respectful environment is a priority as the number of users grows. While specific policies are still in development, the founders have mentioned implementing complex rules to deter spam or disruptive behavior. 

Regarding monetization, Airchat’s current focus remains on encouraging engaging interactions rather than revenue generation. Once the platform matures past this initial invite-only stage, future strategies may be explored.

Future Voice Experiences

Airchat plans to integrate more advanced voice experiences into the platform as on-device AI capabilities expand. 

This could include features like text-to-speech, which allows the app to read posts aloud, and translation capabilities, which enable users to listen to global voices in their native language.

Invite-Only Access

Although it's available for download, the app still remains an invite-only platform
Although it’s available for download, the app remains an invite-only platform. Image: Airchat

Airchat is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play Store but remains in an invite-only stage. To gain access, users must receive an invite from an existing Airchat user. 

If you don’t have an invite, download and install the app. After granting permission to access your contacts, the app will identify any existing users with access in your contact list. You can then contact those contacts and ask them to invite you to join Airchat.

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