9 best apps like VarageSale in 2023

Tim Vickers

VarageSale is a customized platform where people from one locality can sell and buy used items.

Although the concept is not new, the Canadian platform has better systems that make it easier to group people in similar geographical locations and make buying and selling safe and free.

How does VarageSale work?  

Once you have registered on VarageSale, you are redirected to a group, which has members within your neighborhood.

However, to list items for sale, the local admin must approve.

Best apps like VarageSale

  1. Craigslist
  2. 5 Miles
  3. Bunz
  4. Letgo
  5. OfferUp
  6. Poshmark
  7. Bookoo
  8. Facebook Marketplace
  9. Oodle

If you want to try out other apps like VarageSale, here is a detailed look into what each of these alternatives has to offer.

1. Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the websites to sell items locally. The American website is a viable alternative to VarageSale for two reasons.

First, it has a simple interface, which makes it easier to navigate through different classifieds.

Second, Craigslist has more users, and the chances of getting a good deal for your items are higher than other platforms.

To sell or buy items on the platform, you can use the website version. Alternatively, download the Craigslist app from the App Store or Play Store.

2. 5 Miles

Photo: 5Miles

5 Miles is a platform that brings buyers and sellers together. The main reason why the platform is one of the best VarageSale alternatives is its simplicity.

For example, potential clients will find your listing easily.

If you are decluttering your home, download the app on either the Play Store or App Store. Afterward, create an account and upload pictures of the items you are selling.

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3. Bunz

Photo: Bunz

Bunz is a platform for selling high-quality and used items across North America.

Besides connecting buyers and sellers, the platform hopes to connect people with similar interests and create communities.

For example, if you love art and handmade items, you can be part of a community that buys and sells such items within your city.

To be part of Bunz, create an account on its website. Alternatively, download the app on either Google Play or App Store.

4. Letgo

Photo: LetGo

Letgo is a marketplace platform that allows you to sell and buy used items from people around your locality.

All your listings will be available to people near you, and if you are interested in buying used items, you will see all relevant local listings.

The “VarageSale vs Letgo” comparisons show how they are similar in connecting people in the same localities.

To be part of the Letgo community, you must download the app. If you are using an iDevice, download the app on App Store or Google Play for Android.

5. OfferUp

Photo: OfferUp

OfferUp is a digital marketplace that connects people in the same locations.

Like most platforms, it emphasizes in-person interactions as opposed to transacting through the platform.

Therefore, if you want to sell any item or buy a used item, you must organize a meet-up with the other party.

OfferUp model minimizes scamming cases witnessed in most digital marketplaces.

To be part of the platform, you can register an account on the website or through iDevice or Android apps.

6. Poshmark

Photo: Poshmark

Poshmark is the social media version of VarageSale, thanks to its emphasis on interactions between buyers and sellers.

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On this platform, you can sell used fashion items such as clothes, accessories, and shoes. Also, you can buy premium items from other users.

You can access the platform in two ways. First, you can create a profile on the website or sign up on mobile apps, both for Android and Apple.

7. Bookoo

Photo: Bookoo

Do you want to sell and buy used items within your neighborhood?

Bookoo is a perfect alternative to VarageSale. Whether you are in North America or Europe, it is easy to find a community within your city.

The classifications in terms of localities make it easier for parties to meet in person and inspect items before transacting.

To be part of the platform, download Bookoo’s app for Android or iDevice. Alternatively, create an account on the platform’s website.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace
Photo: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an extension of one of the biggest social media platforms. It allows you to list items you want to sell. Also, if you want to buy anything, you will see listings near you.

Unlike other VarageSale options, you do not need to create a new account.

Likewise, if you have a Facebook mobile app, you can still sell and buy used items from people within your town without incurring any shipment costs.

9. Oodle

Photo: Oodle

Oodle is a web-only marketplace. However, it is one of the best apps like VarageSale since it is localized for easier meet-ups between buyers and sellers.

The hyper-local features also eliminate the need to ship items. Apart from household items such as furniture and clothes, you can sell and buy cars.

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If you are decluttering your home, create an account, and post your listings on the website. However, if you want to buy any item on a local listing, you do not need to sign-up.

Is it free to sell on VarageSale?

It is free to sell on VarageSale. Unlike some competitors, all the transactions are off the platform.

Since the platform does not function as a party during transactions, members are advised to trade within their zones and avoid shipping.

How long does it take to get approved on VarageSale?

It only takes 48 hours to have an active account.

However, the community admin can revoke one’s membership status if they list unauthorized items.

How does VarageSale make money?

Currently, the platform seems to be following a common blueprint of delaying monetization.

However, the company may adopt a similar model to Craigslist, where members may be forced to pay for posting classifieds in more than one zone.


While VarageSale has one of the best user interfaces for people interested in buying used items locally, there are other options worth trying.

All the tens of apps like VarageSale highlighted above allow you to vet a potential client.


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