Best swapping apps for bartering and exchanging items

Tim Vickers

Before money was invented, people used to barter goods and services. Unfortunately, the practice has dwindled for centuries, but it is starting to take root again. And thanks to the help of the internet, you can now exchange goods with other individuals far beyond your geographical location.

Unfortunately, the increasing popularity of online bartering has seen a horde of apps and websites rise up to meet the huge demand. Choosing a good app that meets your needs is thus a confusing task. But worry not! Below, we have reviewed and compiled a list of the best-swapping apps and websites.

9 best apps for swapping, bartering, trading & exchanging items

  1. Freecycle
  2. LetGo
  3. Depop
  4. Listia
  5. ThredUp
  6. PaperBack Swap
  7. Rehash
  8. GameTZ
  9. TradeMade

1. Freecycle

Photo: Freecycle

Freecycle is one of the largest online bartering platforms, with a vast network of nearly 10 million users. It was started as a grassroots non-profit organization to encourage its members to reuse/recycle their stuff. Since then, it has grown into an international bartering platform.

Freecycle allows for the exchange of practically anything. This can range from furniture to books, cassette tapes, DVD collection, old appliances, and more. You can swap your stuff with another individual, or if you are lucky, get what you need free of charge.

One of the best things about Freecycle is that no money is exchanged. On top of that, membership is completely free; the site is run by volunteers.

2. Poshmark

Photo: Poshmark

Poshmark is a great website for buying and selling women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing. If you want to make extra cash, you’ll definitely enjoy using this website.

Not only is it easy to list your items, but you also get to list them for free. The only amount you will pay as a seller on the platform is a small commission when a buyer pays for your item.

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As a buyer,  you can shop different types of clothes from the hottest brands and score deals of up to 70% off the retail prices.

3. Depop

Photo: DePop

Depop is one of the leading apps when it comes to getting fashion items at very low prices.  It is one of the best fashion marketplaces where the next generation discover unique items.

Even better, it has a global community that buys, sells, and connects to make fashion more inclusive, diverse, and less wasteful. You can, therefore, get fashionable items from other countries easily.

4. Listia

Photo: Listia

Listia is an online marketplace for bartering between individuals at no extra cost. The service uses a virtual credit system for bidding and trading goods.

Whether you have clothes, DVDs, or toys that you don’t need, Listia can help you make some money off them. Whenever a buyer buys your items, you earn points that can be redeemed for free goods.

5. ThredUp

Photo: ThredUP

Raising kids is an expensive endeavor, which can leave you with lots of relatively new clothes and toys. However, thanks to ThredUp, you no longer have to worry about purchasing items that will only be used for a few months.

Designed for parents, ThredUp allows you to swap clothes and toys with other parents whose kids are a different age than you. This way, you get rid of the items you no longer need and save money in the process. Alternatively, you can sell or buy kids’ clothes and toys on the site at a hugely discounted price.

6. PaperBack Swap

Paperback Swap
Photo: paperbackswap

The world may have gone digital, but paperback books are still a huge hit. Unfortunately, they are way more expensive than eBooks, which can make them an unattractive option. However, with PaperBack Swap, you no longer have to worry about paying through the roof for your favorite books.

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PaperBack Swap bartering system is easy. Simply list the book you want to exchange for other users to see. If one of them likes your book they will get in touch, and you can mail them the copy. In return, you can choose a book you want from the site’s available copies. Aside from paperbacks, you can also swap textbooks, audiobooks, and hardbacks.

7. Rehash

Photo: Rehash

Rehash is another one of the top clothes bartering app, but with a more local feel. It is also a lot easier to use.

You simply need to post pictures and a description of the items you want to exchange. Other users will then make a bid that includes items they are willing to barter. Once you reach an agreement, you can proceed to arrange how the swap will occur – in person, shipping, etc.

One of the best things about Rehash is that you can choose to either swap with local or other users outside your location.

8. GameTZ

Photo: GameTZ

Having trouble purchasing a new game? How about you trade for it with your old one. GameTZ (Game Trading Zone) is an online bartering platform designed for video gamers. It allows users to buy, sell, or exchange video games, movies, gaming consoles, and lots of other stuff.

GameTZ has a very easy to use platform. You simply list the items you want to sell or trade, as well as items you want in return. The site then uses a matching system to find other users with items you want and looking to barter for the ones you have.

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GameTZ is completely free with no membership charges, sales fees, or purchase surcharges. On top of that, it features a reputation system, which allows you to find reliable users who won’t rip you off.

9. TradeMade

Photo: TradeMade

TradeMade is another one of the top apps to trade stuff online. However, it is quite different from other bartering platforms in that it has a social and environmental cause. By trading your stuff, you recycle unwanted items, thus saving the environment. You also get to interact with other like-minded and cool people, thus forming social connections.

TradeMade is also different in that you can trade goods and services for other goods and services. On top of that, you can barter combination goods and services. Furthermore, it comes with a counter trade feature, which allows users to reach a deal that is satisfying to both parties.

Wrapping up

Are you looking for the best swap or trade websites and apps? The above are some of the top options. Whether you are looking to trade clothes, books, video games, electronics, or even services, you can find a platform that works for you. Some of these apps and websites work solely on a bartering basis, while others allow for even cash exchanges.

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