Affirm is not showing up at checkout? How to fix

Affirm offers a quick and easy way of buying an item when you do not have cash. You can purchase a product at an online store and pay over time.

All you have to do is select Affirm at checkout as your payment method then, you will have to repay over a specified period.

But sometimes, you do not get Affirm at checkout after adding your items to your cart. So, why is it not showing at checkout?

The checkout process is designed to be straightforward. The first thing you do is select Affirm at an eligible online store at checkout then select a payment plan from the available options.

But all this cannot go through if the checkout button is not showing.

Why Affirm is not showing up at checkout

Affirm may not show up at checkout because of different reasons, including:

  • The item is less than $50.
  • You have purchased an ineligible item.
  • Affirm has a system-wide problem.
  • You are making purchases outside the USA.
  • You have not verified your income and debt obligations.

Affirm can also fail to show at checkout if you have declared yourself bankrupt.  It can also be due to overdue payment or the store’s policy does not make you eligible for the payment plan.

How to fix Affirm if it is not showing up at checkout

You can try several things to fix Affirm and see whether it will appear at checkout.

1. Check if the item is eligible for purchase

Affirm is not available or showing up at checkout because you have selected an ineligible item. Generally, you can use Affirm to pay for products like furniture, electronics, home goods, and fashion.

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However, you will not see the Affirm button at checkout if you are shopping Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh orders. 

Others include digital purchases, Kindle books, prescription medication, vehicles, coins, collectibles, subscriptions, and gift cards.

2. Check if the item is more than $50

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You can only use Affirm if your order is more than $50. Any order less than $50 is not eligible for Affirm’s payment plan.

Therefore, the checkout button will not be available after adding the items to your cart, especially when purchasing from Amazon.

3. You are purchasing items outside the USA

Users shipping their Amazon purchases outside the USA cannot use Affirm to pay for their purchases because it does not support international purchases.

Some users try to work around this problem by using a VPN if they are outside the USA. This could be a breach of rules and it may bear its consequences.

Note, you must have registered an account with Affirm first and proven you are from the US to qualify for their service.

You’ll need to provide several details, including your social security number and phone number that receives SMS and has its registration in the USA or US territories.

4. Use a different online store

Each store has a different policy on payment plans. Furthermore, Affirm does not approve every application.

A specific store will allow you to use Affirm, but a different one will not bring up the checkout button.

In that case, try using a different online store to make the purchase.

5. Check if items are from a third-party

In some cases, Affirm fails to show up at checkout when a person has added many items to their cart. So, if one of the items is ineligible, Affirm will not show up.

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Also, the Affirm checkout button will not be available if one of the products in your cart is from a third-party seller.

Try to remove one item at a time and change the payment method. If the Affirm option comes up, consider placing the removed item(s) in a separate order.

Generally, any product sold on Amazon that an individual is shipping will give you challenges when using Affirm.

6. Affirm is experiencing a system issue

Another reason why Affirm is not showing up at checkout could be because the service has encountered a problem on its end.

In that case, you will have to wait for Affirm to resolve it and then try again.

But in the meantime, you can use a different payment method for your online and in-app purchases.


When the Affirm Amazon installment plan is not showing at checkout, you are not eligible for the plan.

Also, Affirm can fail to show up at checkout if you have bought items worth less than $50 or you have not verified your income and debt obligations.

You can try several solutions to fix this problem, including using a different online store, increasing the value of your items to more than $50, buying eligible items, and ensuring you make the purchases within the USA and its territories.

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