How to activate your Sony Crackle account

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Crackle is a streaming service that gives you access to free movies and shows on your computer or phone. Sony crackle is an exciting service since it offers HD movies at no cost. You will although have to sit through some periods of commercial breaks during the movie.

To watch the content, you must start by signing up. New movies are always updated which makes it quite helpful. After getting an account, activate Sony Crackle on your device to enjoy the entertainment.

Here is how to activate your Crackle account:

Sign up for Crackle first

You will need to own an account before linking any device to Sony Crackle. Follow each step carefully.

  1. On your mobile or computer visit
  2. Select the register option if you are a new user.
  3. Fill out your personal information on the forms given. Ensure you provide accurate information.
  4. Create a username and provide a password.
  5. Once the account has been successfully created, go to the log in option and sign in.

By doing this you would have established an account and you should be ready to start watching content. The next step will be to activate Crackle on your respective devices.

How to activate your Crackle account

Activation of Sony Crackle account is important as it enhances your viewing experience. Crackle can be set up on many devices. These include gaming consoles, smart TVs, mobile devices, Roku and smartphones.

The general process for activating crackle on these devices is almost similar. There are only slight tweaks that still have to be made to successfully link your device to your Sony Crackle account. The process still needs you to sign up for an account in case you don’t have one.

  1. Sign in to your Crackle account on your device
  2. Select activate my device option. You can also select My Sony Crackle on the menu bar to get the activation code.
  3. An activation code will be displayed.
  4. Enter the activation code at

How to activate your Crackle Account on Roku

  1. Press the home button on your Roku remote to see your apps.
  2. Search and Select the crackle app
  3. Open on your computer or phone browser
  4. Enter your activation code and activate Crackle. The code is given once you open your crackle account on Roku.

If Crackle won’t work, repeat each process carefully. Failure to work is usually as a result of procedure mix up or confusion. If you are however sure that you followed the processes correctly, you should then contact customer service for assistance.

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