Activate NetSpend prepaid debit card [and check balance]

Thanks to the growth of e-commerce, anybody, whether underbanked or not, can get a prepaid debit card.

NetSpend has a range of prepaid services that are available for all.

What is NetSpend Visa prepaid card?

The NetSpend Visa is a card with preloaded funds that allows you to pay for items and services across the world.

While NetSpend targets the underbanked, anybody can use its cards to track his or her own spending habits.

How to apply for NetSpend prepaid debit card

How do I get a NetSpend prepaid card? Well, NetSpend has a simple registration process.

  • Go to the website
  • Fill the application form
  • Check your email to confirm the application

The primary goal of this process is to establish your identity. If all the details are correct and per the Patriot Act, NetSpend will ship a personalized card in seven days.

How to activate your NetSpend card

Activate Netspend

You must activate the NetSpend card to use it. Unlike most prepaid cards, there are two ways to activate a NetSpend card.

First method: Online activation

You can activate the card by following these steps:

  • Go to the activation page
  • Enter the card number
  • Confirm card ownership by putting your security code
  • Click continue

The process redirects you to the account creation page. Create an account and password that you can easily remember. Once you have created an account, you have successfully activated your prepared NetSpend card.

Second method: Contact NetSpend customer service for activation

While the virtual activation process is the safest and most recommended option, it may fail. If you experience some errors in the process, contact NetSpend customer service through 1-866-387-7363.

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The representative will ask some questions to confirm card ownership. Most NetSpend reviews acknowledge the representatives’ responsiveness, especially if it is your first time using their services.

How to load a NetSpend card

Once you have activated your card, it is time to load it. NetSpend has different ways of adding funds to your prepaid card.

1. Through an online bank transfer

If you have an active bank account, you can link it with your new NetSpend card. Transferring money from your account to your prepaid card is simple and faster. I

f you are uncertain about the linking process, speak to your bank or NetSpend representative.

What bank does NetSpend card use? Unlike most prepaid debit cards, NetSpend is an independent entity with many affiliations.

Therefore, regardless of your current bank, you can transfer money effortlessly and safely.

2. Via P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer

If you do not have an account with a traditional bank, you can still load funds on your prepaid card using P2P options.

Options such as PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash App are the best alternatives to traditional bank transfer.

3. Through NetSpend reload centers

Alternatively, you can load your card on any NetSpend reload centers across the country. Use the location finder to identify a center near you.

While reload centers may charge you a small fee, they are safe because they only need your card and the amount you want to deposit on your card.

Usability of NetSpend card

If you have funds on your card, you can enjoy shopping across the world with zero compromises. For example, you can use the card to pay for items online, groceries, or gas.

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Also, you can use the NetSpend card at all places with Visa and MasterCard sign.

Is NetSpend a good prepaid card? Yes. The card is ideal in separating personal expenses from business expenses and therefore making tax time easier. Also, the card has no credit check.

How to check NetSpend debit card balance

Always keep tabs on your NetSpend credit card balance, whether you are in the USA or overseas.

NetSpend has two innovative ways to check your debit card balance.

1. The “Anytime Alerts” option

The “Anytime Alerts” is a message option that allows you to check the balance by sending ‘BAL’ as a text message to 22622.

However, to use this service, you must sign up for it via your online profile.

2. Call 1-866-387-7363

Alternatively, you can check your card balance by dialing 1-866-387-7363.

While this option is a fast and efficient way of checking your balance, every call has a $0.50 standard fee.

Apart from NetSpend prepaid debit cards giving you the freedom to shop anywhere in the world, they give your funds more security layers. Also, loading the cards is faster and safer, regardless of your preferred option.

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