Xbox One dashboard is not loading? How to fix

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Many Xbox One users have issued complaints that their consoles’ dashboard won’t work after a recent update.

Fortunately, you can fix the issue easily. This list of Xbox troubleshooting solutions can get you back on track in no time. It is only necessary to contact customer care if the solutions below fail to work for you.

Troubleshooting Xbox One dashboard not loading issue

When your Xbox One dashboard isn’t loading, you should do the following:

1. Try a hard reset

Your problem could possibly be resulting from a software problem hence why performing a hard reset could be the solution.

  • Press down the power button for at least twenty seconds
  • After the console shuts down, pull out the power plug from its back and wait at least two minutes
  • Plug the power cord back on
  • Power on the console as you normally would and the dashboard should be working fine.

2. Reset the Xbox to factory settings

Xbox One controller
Image: Gabriel Guerrero

If the step above does not resolve your issue, then try factory settings. But before then, make sure you have saved all your games and progress to your account to avoid losing them.

You do not have to worry about losing your data if you belong to the Xbox Live Gold member club. If not, then you will have to manually save your data.

Once you’ve saved your data, follow these steps to factory reset your Xbox One:

  • Unplug your console from the power source for at least one minute before plugging it back in.
  • Instead of powering on your console, simultaneously hold the controller sync button and the disc eject button up. Keep at it until you hear the startup sound twice.
  • When the settings pop up on the screen, you will need to input all your previous settings again as a factory reset usually erases them.
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3. Try reporting a problem

Sometimes with Xbox glitches, you do not really have to wait for customer care to get back to you for your error to be resolved.

  • Press the home button until it the turn off screen pops up
  • Instead of powering off, click on the report a problem icon
  • Type in your issue and press send

Go back to the dashboard and chances are, it will be working perfectly

4. Try offline mode

After an update, the Xbox automatically disconnects from the internet connection.

Normally, you will just connect it again. But if your internet connection is still slow, then chances are, your dashboard will not load.

  • Check to ensure your internet connection is as stable as it should be
  • If it is, try using the console on offline mode for a while before resorting back to the online version

Assuming the Xbox One dashboard is still not loading, then you need to perform an offline system update. Do the following:

  • Format a USB stick to NTFS version (this is the same file system that Windows OS uses)
  • Download an updated system file from the official windows website and copy it to the USB that you had formatted
  • Eject the USB stick
  • Repeat the steps in point number two above in order to reset the console to factory settings
  • Insert your formatted USB stick into your console and click on the offline system update icon

Give the console a few minutes before trying to operate it as normal

5. Reload your Xbox dashboard

Xbox One dashboard design

Another possible solution would be to reload your dashboard. Technically it is not a proven troubleshooting solution but it works in some instances.

  • Press down the silver button until it brings up the Guide Menu
  • Press down the right trigger and the Y button
  • Your dashboard should now be refreshed and hopefully working.
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6. Check your hardware

Though this is rare, it could be that Xbox One dashboard is not loading due to faulty hardware.

  • Check the ventilation system and make sure that the console is not overheating.
  • Confirm that the light on the power brick is not flickering or black. If it is, then the problem is power source-related.
  • Ensure that the AC outlet you are using is working properly. It might be causing power surges that prevent the console from functioning normally.

In the unfortunate event that all the above troubleshooting solutions did not work for you, go to Xbox’s official website and click on the customer care contacts.

You can either call, send an email or start a live chat. This way, you will easily be assisted.

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