What does ‘USPS awaiting delivery scan’ mean?

Tim Vickers

USPS is a postal service agency that has operated for nearly 50 years. If you love online shopping or often receive regular mail, you may often find yourself relying on USPS for deliveries.

But what if you are awaiting your delivery and you receive a USPS awaiting delivery scan alert?

What does this mean and are there any steps you can take to rectify the situation? These are the concerns that we will address here and also give you solutions you can apply to help you get your delivery without hassles.

The delivery process

By first understanding the delivery process from scratch, you will get to know at what point this alert could occur. Lets’ take a letter as an example.

A sender stamps a well-addressed letter and drops into a mailbox or public collection box. A postal carrier takes the letter to the mail processing plant.

There the mail is sorted by size and imprinted with a bar code on the back to show its destination address.

The letter is then placed in the appropriate ZIP code tray and transported either through road or air to the right ZIP code area mail processing plant.

In this plant, the letters are scanned for the bar code. This allows the right carrier car to take the letter to the right local post office.

The local post office carriers can then deliver the letter to the appropriate mailbox. Usually, it’s at this delivery point that the alert pops up.

So, what does USPS awaiting delivery scan mean?

It means one of two things:

  • The delivery hasn’t been made
  • The carrier did not scan the package upon delivering it to you
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If you are receiving the alert because the delivery is overdue, then you may be asking yourself if there any steps you can take to speed up the delivery.

What can you do?

Here’s what to need to do:

Check online

You can visit the USPS website and on the “Track and Manage” tab, enter the tracking number to view your package’s current location.

You can wait for a few hours to a day to see if the delivery is made

If the delivery is not made, then you can contact your local post office supervisor. This should help to find out if they have received your package. You can use the tracking number to inquire about its current location at the post office.

The supervisor can also inquire with the carrier whether they made the delivery. If it was delivered, and you can confirm the same, then you can request the supervisor to mark it as delivered.

Once you do this, the status is updated and the awaiting delivery scan on USPS alert is brought down.

Make sure to contact your local post office soonest possible after the expected day of delivery for better chances of locating the package.

File a claim

If the delivery is never completed as the package cannot be located, the sender can visit the USPS website to file a claim. Click on the ‘Help’ tab and select “Filing a claim”.

The sender should read the information that will help in filling the claim. They can then scroll down and click on the “Start an Online Claim” to initiate the claim process.

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If you have received this alert recently, your delivery may not have been scanned. Additionally, it may mean that the delivery didn’t happen due to a mix-up.

If you haven’t received your package, inquiring from USPS or your local post office is vital to solving this issue. If the package is eventually not delivered, then you can file a claim online.

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