What does UPS “Out For Delivery” mean?

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UPS gives its customers the option to get notifications about their packages.

You can get notifications on the day before delivery, day of delivery, delivery schedule updates, shipping information, confirmation of delivery, and package availability for pickup.

If you have used the service before, you may have come across a message that says UPS package “out for delivery” today. What does that mean?

When UPS tracking shows ‘out for delivery’ but not delivered, it means your shipment has arrived at the UPS local facility responsible for bringing the item to you.

In that case, UPS has dispatched a driver to deliver your package. Expect the shipment to arrive at your door or the designated pickup point between the hours of 9.00 AM and 7.00 PM.

If you provided a commercial address, expect the item at the close of business.

How long does UPS take when out for delivery?

If UPS says your package is out for delivery today, it means you will receive it on the same day. Air deliveries usually have a defined time.

But in general, the company delivers all items between the hours of 9.00 AM and 7.00 PM to residences. UPS does not schedule a specific time to deliver shipments within the 10-hour window. Sometimes it may take longer up to 9.00 PM.

During the holiday season, the dispatched driver will deliver the shipment even later. In case UPS cannot deliver a package marked out for delivery on the same day, the company will try to deliver it to your hands on the next business day.

If it is getting late or UPS is taking so long to deliver, and your item has not arrived, you will have to wait longer because UPS cannot contact its drivers to give you an estimated delivery time.

What happens if a UPS package is not delivered?

Generally, items marked out for delivery should arrive within ten hours. But that does not happen all the time because of logistic reasons.

If your UPS package didn’t arrive on the delivery date or on the same day after seeing out for delivery, the company will attempt to deliver it on the next business day.

If you do not receive it on the second day, a third attempt will happen on the following business day. That excludes weekends and holidays.

If the third attempt also fails or if your UPS package has been out for delivery for 3 days, the UPS will take your shipment to the nearest Access Point location where you can pick it up.

Your driver will give you the UPS InfoNotice, where you can get all the information about collecting your package.

Understand that if your shipment was not Collect On Delivery, UPS will hold on to it for up to five business days. Your package will be at the nearest UPS center.

If you do not pick it up within that period, UPS will return it to the sender.

The UPS returns all Collect On Deliver shipments to the sender on the same day once they make the final delivery attempt.

What should I do if my UPS package is not delivered?

The following is what you can do if your package is not delivered:

  • Go to your Tracking results.
  • View Shipment Progress or Package Progress.
  • Select Choose Another Delivery Option.

You can select a different delivery option for your shipment.

Can I track the UPS truck that has my package?

You can track a UPS truck that has your package if you have subscribed to UPS My Choice.

Also, the service is available if you send an item using UPS Next Day Air, UPS Ground, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, or UPS Worldwide Express. The right subscription will give you an option called Follow My Delivery.

Follow My Delivery is a live map that allows you to view the location of specific packages related to the delivery address.

As your shipment moves towards the address you provided, you will see a package icon that will update every three minutes. Once you get your item, you will no longer see the map.


When says out for delivery, it means your shipment has arrived at the UPS local facility, and a driver will deliver it to your doorstep or designated pickup point.

The item will arrive between 9.00 AM and 7.00 PM. If you provided a commercial address, expect it at the close of business.

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