What is a text mail subscriber? Everything you should know

Tim Vickers

Many people have been in a scenario whereby they received calls or missed calls from an unknown number. When you try to call back the user, you get a voice message that says the text mail subscriber is not available.

In other cases, you get a voice tone with no answer. What does that mean, and what is a text mail subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is someone who makes phone calls via the internet. In this case, instead of the calls originating from a regular mobile or landline network, they come from the internet.

Most of these individuals use internet phone services, such as Google Voice. When you text the person, they will get a notification via email.

You cannot call back either. But if you call back the text mail phone number, you will get a voicemail.

What is a text mail subscriber voicemail?

Text mail subscriber voicemail refers to a service allowing users to read emails sent to them in plain text. Since you cannot call back a text mail number or get your calls through to the person, you will have to leave a voicemail.

Your message will generate an email in plain text and notify the user that you tried to reach them.

So, which texting app has a voicemail that says the text mail subscriber is not available?

Many internet phone services have developed apps that will get you a real phone number and start texting or calling anybody for free.

But since some of the calls you will make will not go through, you will receive a voicemail suggesting the text mail subscriber is not available. The two examples of apps that leave such messages are:

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Google Voice, for example, offers an advanced voicemail transcription service. That means the service will transcribe a voicemail and send it to a recipient as a plain text to their email.

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Can you look up a text mail subscriber number?

A lookup is possible depending on the service that provided the number. But the process is not straightforward because these services assign numbers to users at random.

So, at their very nature, the text mail subscriber numbers are anonymous. So, what can you do to look them up?

How to track a text mail subscriber

You have several options for performing a lookup to track down or identify the person behind it. Some of the methods you can use include:

  • Use any search engine and enter the number to determine whether it has links to social media platforms, forums, or any other online account with a name.
  • Text the person and ask them to reveal their identity.
  • Use mobile number tracking apps. These are applications that store thousands of phone numbers in their databases. If the number in question is in their database, the app will help you to identify the user.
  • Do an online reverse phone lookup: This method can work based on how the person uses the number. For example, you can get them if they made the number public or used it to register for some publicly available services.

In an extreme situation, you may have to obtain a court order that will compel the text mail service to give you the identity of the user.

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Google Voice
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Wrapping up

If you call back a number and you get a voice tone that says the text mail subscriber you are trying to reach is not available, you may be dealing with an internet phone number.

In that case, you cannot get your calls through. But if you leave a voice message, the person will receive it as an email in the form of plain text.

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