What “tendered to delivery service provider” means on DHL

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DHL Express is a global market leader in the courier business. The company specializes in the door-to-door delivery of parcels and documents worldwide.

An advantage of using DHL Express is it offers excellent international service support. That makes it an ideal choice for cross-border shipping.

If you have used the service before, you may have come across a message that says your package is tendered to a delivery service provider. So, what does it mean when a package is tendered to the delivery service provider?

When DHL tracking says tendered to a delivery service provider, it means that the company has passed your parcel to another contractor or courier firm to finish the final delivery.

The courier or contractor could be a local business that delivers small packages and drops them from door-to-door or business-to-business.

Who is the tendered delivery service provider for DHL?

DHL works with various transport modes like standard truck and trailer combinations, local transports, mega-trailers, and country-specific vehicles.

The company collaborates with reliable partners to offer efficient customer services. In this case, the partners are the delivery service providers.

Ideally, any freight forwarder can work with DHL and become a delivery service provider.

Since 2003, the US Postal Service has provided last-mile delivery for DHL customers. Thus, the USPS is the exclusive delivery service provider to DHL for the 46,000 ZIP codes by using a service called Priority Mail and Parcel Select.

In the United Kingdom, DHL uses Baxter Freight as its handling agent. Throughout Europe, the company uses its European network to deliver items to its customers.

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DHL does not limit last-mile carriers to traditional delivery companies like FedEx or UPS. But it also includes niche market carriers, LTL carriers, and technology companies.

When using the companies, DHL will not complete the final phase of the shipping process when it is moving goods from a freight hub to their delivery destinations. Instead, it will tender to delivery service providers to finish the delivery process.

How long does tendered delivery take?

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Tendered to delivery means your item is in the last phase of the shipping process. In other words, it is on the way to your location.

While you cannot put a specific timeframe for the package to arrive, it will take at least two days to arrive.

Depending on the parcel, it can take a matter of hours or weeks before seeing it at your doorstep or business premises.

In most cases, the delivery service provider is usually a local freight company handling the last-mile delivery of all DHL items. That means it should not take long for your item to arrive.

If it does, you can contact customer support or use the tracking feature to know the location of your item.

How long does DHL take to deliver?

Usual delivery times for most DHL packages vary depending on the product, service, and origin or destination.

It will take from two to three days for neighboring countries and up to 20 days for countries with long distances.

The online shop or merchant will indicate the expected delivery time on its website or through notification to the customer.

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Does DHL notify you before delivery?

Before shipping your item with DHL, you have the option to choose whether to receive notification before the delivery of your package.

If you choose to receive notification on the day of delivery, you will receive a message from the driver on the imminent arrival of your item.

Typically, you will see the note about 5-15 minutes before your parcel arrives at your doorstep.

What time of day does DHL deliver?

DHL delivers from Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. However, the precise delivery times can differ. Also, it may depend on the size of the package and the delivery address.

The company does not offer weekend or holiday delivery unless a client is willing to pay more and make arrangements. DHL uses its Express Service point locations for all international shipments and opens them from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Tendered to delivery service provider means DHL has passed your parcel to another contractor or courier firm to finish the final delivery.

The item is in its final phase of shipment from the point of collection to its destination.

Expect it to arrive in about 2-5 days on a working day between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

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