DHL shipment

What does DHL shipment on hold mean?

DHL has made the shipping of goods across borders seamless and effortless. If anything, it’s considered to be the leading international logistics company. You can be sure whatever package you send or receive using the courier company will arrive at its destination safely, and with the least hustle. However, at one time your package may not arrive at the intended destination on time, and thus, it’s put on hold. You may wonder what that is and why would it even ...

DHL delivery fan

What “tendered to delivery service provider” means on DHL

DHL Express is a global market leader in the courier business. The company specializes in the door-to-door delivery of parcels and documents worldwide. An advantage of using DHL Express is it offers excellent international service support. That makes it an ideal choice for cross-border shipping. If you have used the service before, you may have come across a message that says your package is tendered to a delivery service provider. So, what does it mean when a package is tendered ...