5 Best Social Dummy Alternatives for Android and iOS

Tim Vickers

Social Dummy was the best app for creating fake social media posts. But even after the app folded, many fake posts still appeared on social media pages.

Apps like Social Dummy now generate fake posts. Some of these apps are flexible and let you customise some features to make your fake posts look genuine.

You can also use any Social Dummy alternative app to create fake profiles and messages for platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But which among these Social Dummy alternatives is the best?

1. MeMi Message

Memi Message
Memi Message

MeMi Message is an SMS, fake chat, and social media generator. It lets you create and roleplay chat conversations with friends.

You can use MeMi Message to create text stories and generate fictional conversations. Also, MeMi Message is the best app for users that love fan fiction.

In other words, you can create stories and conduct chats based on characters. It also lets you design messages to appear similar to what other social media platforms use. For example, you can make a message blue or grey.

MeMi Message also allows you to change a profile photo and name. You can delete messages individually or in group chats. All the editing tools required to create a fake post are available in MeMi Message.

Download: Android | iOS

2. Faked

Faked - create fake chats
Faked – create fake chats

Faked is an entertainment and the best Social Dummy online fake post app. It lets you create fake chats and social media posts and pull pranks on your friends.

The app can create social media memes, profiles, and fake news. Its editing tools make your screenshots look original, making getting better reactions and comments on your account easier.

Faked is also the best app for creating a fake profile with verification and adding fake posts to the verified profile. But since the app makes things look authentic, only use it for entertainment.

Download: Android

3. Funsta

Funsta Fake chat creator
Funsta Fake chat creator

Funsta is a fake social media app that lets you create direct fake conversations and posts. You can use it to design fake conversation screens and edit all the details necessary to make them look genuine.

Funsta ensures your posts are realistic, making pranking your friends easier. Also, the app has many features that take pranking to a whole level.

For example, you can add fake Posts, comments, and likes for any post. You can also create fake contacts and groups, add fake stories for you and your friends, and add fake members to groups. 

You can add emojis, images, and videos to conversations.

Download: Android

4. Fake All

Fake All chat messages
  • Developer: Nanomag
  • Pricing: Free

Fake All is the best prank app and an excellent alternative to Social Dummy. It allows you to create fake chat conversations, call screens, and message notifications.

You can also use Fake All to create and share your story with others. Unlike similar apps, Fake All lets you create fake chat with WhatsApp or Messenger interface.

It allows you to switch the role of characters in a conversation and customise the chat with anything that will make it appear genuine. 

Furthermore, you can choose the background picture of a message notification or set a timer to make a fake call.

Download: iOS

5. Social Media Post Maker

Social Media Post Maker
  • Developer: Apps You Love
  • Pricing: Free

Social Media Post Maker is the best fake social media maker online. It targets users that want to create fake social media posts quickly and easily.

Social Media Post Maker has over 5,000 design templates. The templates make creating fake posts for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube thumbnails easier. Also, you require no graphic design skills to use the templates.

You can do many things with Social Media Post Maker, including designing memes and making stories. Besides fake posts, the app is the best for creating banners, ads, cover photos, posters, and flyers.

Download: Android | iOS

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