Snapchat symbols and their meanings

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Over the last ten years, social media platforms have integrated more symbols and emojis into their database. Snapchat is an ideal example of a platform that is symbol-centred. Unfortunately, the saturation of symbols and emojis comes with its fair share of challenges.

Are you unsure about a specific Snapchat symbol’s meaning? Here’s a list of the most popular Snapchat symbols and their meanings.

Friendship symbols on Snapchat and their meaning

Unlike platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat has different symbols for interacting with friends and followers. Some of the popular Snapchat icons in this category include the following.

  • Pink hearts 💕: An emoji of pink hearts on Snapchat signifies dedication. If you have been best friends with someone for more than two months, you should use this emoji to communicate with them.
  • Baby emoji 👶: This is a common symbol on Snapchat. As the name suggests, the emoji signifies the start of a new friendship. The relationship must, however, be mutual.
  • Red heart ❤️: This common Snapchat symbol means you have been friends with somebody for two weeks. The nature of interaction must, however, be mutual.
  • Face with sunglasses emoji 😎: signifies mutual friendships on Snapchat. If one of your best friends has another favorite friend, this emoji is ideal for signifying a mutual relationship.
  • Smirking face symbol😏: On Snapchat, this signifies friendship, but not ‘best friends’ status.’ If you do not send them as many snaps as (their) other friends send, this emoji is ideal for representing that relationship.

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Snapchat symbols for special and verified Snapchat accounts

Each social media platform has its way of distinguishing verified accounts from the rest. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, where verified accounts have a bluetick, Snapchat uses different symbols. Some of the most common symbols for verified accounts include the following.

  • The balloon symbol (🎈) is the official verification symbol for Rihanna’s account.
  • The bicep symbol (💪) is the official Snapchat symbol for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s account.
  • Blond Man (👱) is the official Snapchat symbol for Diplo’s account.
  • Clapboard (🎬) is the official Snapchat symbol for Ryan Seacrest’s account.
  • The racing flag (🏁) is the official Snapchat symbol for Lewis Hamilton.

Snapchat chat icons and their meaning

The third group of Snapchat symbols consists of snap icons. What do the symbols on Snapchat mean? The following are some of the most popular chat icons on Snapchat.

snapchat arrows

  • The red arrow symbolizes a snap without audio.
  • The purple arrow is a snap icon that represents audio.
  • A Blue arrow represents a sent chat on this platform.
  • The open red arrow represents a snap that is already open but does not have audio.
  • The open green arrow represents a viewed chat on Snapchat.

Replay icons on Snapchat

Snapchat story icons are not only interesting but also diverse. Some of the most popular reply signs on Snapchat include the following.

Snapchat replay icons

  • The red replay icon indicates that somebody has replied to your snap, which does not have audio.
  • The purple replay icon, on the other hand, means that somebody has replied to your story, which has audio.
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Got your symbols right?

The above guide is vital in making Snapchat conversations (and interactions) better. Although there are hundreds of icons, emojis, and signs, the above are the most used across the world.

In addition, the above list may expand to accommodate more signs and icons in the future.

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