Where can I print a shipping label if I don’t have a printer?

Tim Vickers

Do you want to ship some items but you don’t have a printer to print shipping labels?

While printing labels minimizes human error during the shipment process, the lack of a printer should not be the reason for delays in sending packages to your customers.

Fortunately, there are great alternatives to prepare for your shipment if you do not have a home printer.

So, where can I print a shipping label if I don’t have a printer? Nowadays, all shipping companies have printing centers with advanced machines.

If you are not comfortable using the printing centers for privacy reasons, many local printing shops will prepare shipping labels faster without compromising confidentiality.

However, if you are on a tight budget or your business cannot afford a printer, handwriting the shipment labels is safe and free.

4 ways to print shipping labels on packages if you don’t have a printer

Whether you want to ship items for your business or friends, here are the four options to prepare the shipping label without a printer.

1. Use the shipping company’s printing centers

Where can I print a shipping label from my phone? If you don’t have a printer to print shipping labels and have an item to ship, you can use printing centers.

FedEx and USPS have printing kiosks near their dropping centers. However, they have different procedures to print shipping labels.

For FedEx, you must fill in a form with all the shipment details. You will also fill in the two addresses in case of a return package. After confirming that all the details are correct, the company will print the details for you.

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If you are using USPS, here is a detailed guide for printing shipping labels using Click-N-Ship. Note that there are various requirements that you should meet. Besides, the products you want to ship should not be on the restricted list.

Can UPS print a shipping label for me? Yes. Just like FedEx and USPS, UPS can print the labels for you. You must create a detailed shipment process and request UPS to print labels for you.

However, if you didn’t print your own shipping labels during the process, you can repeat the procedure and request a reprint within 24 hours.

The same case applies to printing labels when returning a package. However, for FedEx, you only need to show the QR code to the retailer working with the company. With the code, they will print a label at no cost.

2. Print shipping labels at your local printing kiosk

In some unique cases, the shipping companies may not be the best option for printing shipping labels. In such a case, you can print them at your local printing shop.

The main advantage of this option compared to relying on shipping companies is privacy. Also, you do not need to fill any form to print a shipping tag.

Printing shipping labels at your local printing kiosks will cost you money, even though it is lower than printing labels through a shipping company. You’ll also need to design the labels at home before visiting a printing kiosk.

Use the USPS Locations tool to find the nearest printing kiosk.

3. Use Priority Mail (for USPS)

If you are a business owner, the two options above may be inconvenient. You may be forced to fill forms every time you have a shipment, which may be time-consuming.

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Fortunately, the Priority Mail by USPS does not need a shipping label. You will only be required to fill in the addresses and other details with a pen.

However, this option is only ideal for businesses. For personal shipments, you should try the other options. Alternatively, consider option #4 below.

4. Handrite your shipping labels

Can I handwrite a shipping label? Yes. If you run out of options, you should not delay sending items if you can write.

Whether you are using FedEx or USPS, handwriting is acceptable. However, the label must be readable.

If you are uncertain whether the handwriting is readable or not, ask another person to try if they can read the label. If they can read the tags without any problem, shipping services will not mix up your package.


While having a printer to print shipping labels is the easiest way to prepare for shipments, not having one shouldn’t be the reason to delay sending packages.

You can either fill a shipment form with your mailing company or print the label through a third-party company. Alternatively, a handwritten label works provided the handwriting is readable.

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