Pokémon GO errors and how to fix them

Tim Vickers

As a Pokémon GO player, it’s always frustrating when the app does not respond to commands. Pokemon GO is one of those games that are quite engaging.

It is a bummer when some sort of error hinders your gameplay.

Like every other good app, Pokémon GO has its own share of bugs or errors. These range from pops-ups of GPS signal not found to crashing on startup.

Luckily for the Pokemon user, the errors have codes that are used to identify them and allow for quick fixes.

List of Pokémon GO errors

Here is a list of Pokémon GO errors and fixes:

Error 0

Error 0 on Pokémon Go is more of a warning that indicates bad cache files have been stored on the application on your phone. This also happens in other apps that allow caching of data.

You can simply fix error 0 on Pokémon GO by clearing the application data.  Go to settings > storage > apps. Find Pokémon GO from the list of apps and select it.

On the menu that appears select clear cache.

Error 11

Pokémon GO error 11 occurs when GPS is not found. This is simply because the location access of your device has been turned off.

Your location might be on, but still, with no internet connection, Pokémon GO may not be able to access it.

Most devices come with the GPS access setting turned off. You can solve Pokemon GO error 11 by turning on your location access on your iOS or Android device.

  1. Go settings on your phone and select connections
  2. Tap on location
  3. Tap the switch option to turn it on
  4. Go to locating method and select high accuracy. This will allow Pokémon GO to get a pinpoint location of your device.
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Error 26

This is one of the tough Pokémon GO errors that cost the player a great deal in terms of gameplay. It causes the Pokemon you encountered in the wild to instantly respawn.

This means that you could encounter a rare Pokemon only for it to disappear before you could bag it.

The error is caused when players are kicked out of the gym combat scenario due to delayed server response. Client-Server sync progress always delays the Pokémon selection process.

Fix error 26 by finding the exact Pokémon in your storage, use the name and date of the error to identify the Pokemon. Delete the Pokemon and catch it again from the sack.

Pokémon GO error 30

This is one of the Pokémon GO errors that normally affect players when in gyms. You are most likely to be kicked out of play with an error 30. This is caused by faulty network servers.

Error 30 is rare because they are few specific service providers that will cause this error. In case you experience the error, you would want to change the service provider to avoid the same fate.

Error code 31

Error code 31 occurs when you try to place a Pokémon in a gym that was taken over recently but your device is yet to update the changes. Most users, in this case, ask if Pokémon GO is down?

The answer is no, but you only need to update your Pokémon progress. To fix error 31, reclaim the gym and place your Pokémon afterward.

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Other Pokémon GO errors are error code 3, which happens when an attempt to buy Poke coins for items fails. Fix error code 3 by restarting Pokemon and performing the transaction again.

If Pokemon GO won’t load on iPhone you are most likely experiencing error code 10. This signifies no internet connectivity on the device. Fix error code 10 by restarting your internet connection.

Most of these errors can be fixed by a simple restart of the app. Follow the steps carefully to ensure you identify the error you are experiencing and fix it correctly.

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