Fix Pokémon GO Error 0

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If you are a Pokémon GO player, you have probably come across error 0 when playing the game. It is a common error that affects millions of users across the globe. When Pokémon error 0 on iPhone occurs, it prevents you from getting the friends list.

It means you will be unable to use all the features provided in the game. For example, it will stop you from sending or receiving gifts, tracking your fitness numbers, battling other enemies, and adding friends.

The problem has frustrated many users since the augmented reality game updated the Friends Lists feature. That means new users or those that are resuming the game after a hiatus will encounter the error. Although error 0 on Pokémon GO can be annoying, it does not prevent you from playing the game as usual.

Why does Pokémon GO error 0 occur?

But what does error 0 mean on Pokémon GO? Several factors can explain why you are getting the error. The most common reason is the game’s failure to connect to Niantic’s servers. So, how do you fix it?

How to fix error 0 on Pokémon GO

Ways to fix error 0 include:

  1. Delete and reinstall the App

You need to delete and reinstall the app so that you can replace the newly upgraded components. Do this if you are using an outdated version.

After reinstallation, you will get a version of Pokémon GO that will have new features. The latest version will clear all Pokémon GO errors or fix the old issues you were experiencing before.

  1. Clear app cache

Whenever you play the game, the application keeps everything it downloads, such as images, log in details, etc. in case it will need them again. But that cache has a size limit.

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Once it fills up, it will discard all items it has not used to create space for the items you are using now. It is this clearing and creating new items that cause problems. You can fix it by clearing the cache.

  • Go to App Settings
  • Scroll to locate Pokémon GO
  • Tap on the App
  • Tap on Clear Data
  • Tap on Clear Cache

If you are using an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage
  • Tap Manage Storage
  • Locate and select Pokémon GO
  • Tap Delete App

Once you tap on Delete App, go back to App Store and re-download Pokémon GO. The reinstallation will introduce new data and fix bugs or other issues.

  1. Switch accounts

Some users have noticed that they encounter error 0 when switching accounts. In essence, there is a right way of switching accounts on Pokémon GO.

If you have multiple accounts for the same game and you are playing it on the same device, you can switch accounts using the method below.

  • Go to the Main Menu from the Map Screen
  • Select Settings
  • Tap Sign Out
  • Exit the game
  • Restart your device and open the game
  • A Title Screen will appear
  • Tap Pokémon Trainer Club or Google
  • Log in to the other account

After logging in, try to play the game again and notice whether you will get friends list.

The Pokémon GO error 0 occurs because of the game’s inability to communicate with Niantic’s servers. You can fix it by deleting and reinstalling the app on your device. Also, try to clear the app cache and data. If this does not fix it, the problem could be on the developer’s end. In that case, you will have to wait until they fix it.

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