Pokémon GO Error 11 – GPS Not Found [Fix]

Tim Vickers

Pokémon GO heavily relies on your phone’s GPS signal or location services. By getting your phone’s GPS location, it allows the game to place you near Pokémon. So, when the services are not working well or turned off, your character will move around without being close to Pokémon.

In most cases, poor GPS services on your phone will cause an error. The most common one is the Pokémon go error 11 on iPhone.

Why error code 11 occurs on Pokémon Go

The error can occur because of many reasons. It can happen when you spoof your location while playing the game. Location spoofing is common among players because it allows them to play the game from the same location but appear in different places.

Also, error 11 on Pokémon Go for Android can occur if the GPS satellite is unable to locate your device.

How to fix Pokemon Go error 11

If you have encountered this error, you can fix it in the following ways.

  1. Turn Airplane Mode ON then OFF

When Airplane Mode is on, it will disable connectivity for Wi-Fi, cellular data and voice, location-based services, and GPS. If you are getting the error while playing Pokémon GO, turn it ON, wait for a few seconds and then turn it OFF.

These steps will reset your device’s radios, including GPS. It will then allow the GPS satellite to access the device from its current location.

  1. Restart your device

Restarting your device may sound like a simple fix. But it is one of the most reliable solutions because it fixes many technical glitches with your phone.

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Hold the power button for a few seconds then turn it off. You should then turn it on and open the Pokémon GO app to try again.

  1. Turn Location Accuracy ON

Pokémon GO requires location services and heavily relies on GPS. If the app is having trouble finding your exact location or the GPS location is inaccurate, it will cause the error. You can fix the problem by ensuring your phone has a more accurate location.

  • Go to Settings on Android
  • Tap Location
  • Tap Advanced
  • Select Google Location Accuracy
  • Turn Improve Location Accuracy ON

You should then go back to Pokémon GO and try again.

  1. Try playing Pokémon GO outdoors

Pokémon GO estimates your device location from GPS sources. GPS uses satellites to pinpoint your location up to around 20 meters.

If you are playing the game inside a room, GPS may be inaccurate, or there will be no GPS signal. So, try playing outdoors and note any changes.

  1. Disable Mock Locations

Mock Location is a feature that allows you to change your device location to a different area. You need to disable the option or turn it OFF to fix Pokémon Go error 11.

  • Go to Settings on Android
  • Locate Developer Options or tap on About Phone if you cannot see it
  • Tap on Build Number seven times
  • You will see a message display itself as “You are now a developer!”
  • Go back one step
  • Scroll down to locate and tap on Developer Options
  • Turn the option OFF

When Developer Options is OFF, Mock Locations will also be off. But if you want it on, scroll down to locate Mock Locations and then disable the option.

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If GPS signal is not found on Pokémon GO, try to reset your device’s location settings. You can also use a simple option of restarting the device and then opening the app again. Another solution is to upgrade the app if it is out of date.

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