How to make a Kahoot public as a student

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Kahoot as a friendly quiz site has increased students’ engagement in class over the years. Students can revise and enjoy their lessons by answering questions that are available on the web platform.

If you have tried sharing Kahoot, then you’ve definitely realized that you cannot make classes public. The only way to go around this limitation is by creating an individual Kahoot. This will give you the ability to make use of its sharing features.

How to create a Kahoot

As a student, you can create a Kahoot by following these steps:

create kahoot

  1. Visit and sign up for free
  2. On the upper right corner click ‘Create’
  3. Type your question (each question has a 95-character limit)
  4. On the bottom of the screen input 4 answer alternatives (each answer has 60 characters per limit)
  5. Input the answer time for the question on the time tuner
  6. Add a picture or video to accompany the question
  7. On the left side click on “Add Question”
  8. Repeat the process and input more questions
  9. On the top bar click on “Enter Kahoot Title” and give your Kahoot a name
  10. Create a description and add an accompanying image
  11. On the Visibility button, choose ‘Everyone’
  12. Click ‘Done’ to finish the Kahoot setup

Your Kahoot is ready for play.

How to change a Kahoot from private to public

Once you have created a Kahoot you can follow this process to make it public:

  1. Click on “My Kahoots” on the home page
  2. Select the Kahoot, click ‘Public’

kahoot public

This change of settings provides any new user who searches for a public Kahoot with a link to open it and play.

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By following this process, you can also make Kahoot public on the app as it allows multiple users to play remotely.

To share your Kahoot as a student, follow simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Kahoot account
  2. Select “My Kahoots”
  3. Click on the ‘Share’ button

You now need to put in the name or username of the person you would like to share your Kahoot with. After entering the details click ‘Share’ to allow the other party to play the Kahoot.

Hopefully, you can now share Kahoots with your friends. You can also make a Kahoot public on the iPad by following the simple steps above.

What is a Kahoot game pin?

Kahoot Game Pin

A game pin is a temporarily unique game identifier. It is created when a new Kahoot has been launched.

If you would like to find public Kahoot game pins, you need to get physically close to the launchers of the Kahoots to identify the game pin on their screens.

How to use the game pin

Use the pin on your app or browser and enter your name or username to see the Kahoot on your shared screen.

Once the leader allows you in from the waiting screen, you should see all the questions, any images or videos, and answer alternatives and you can now start the game.


As a student, you can make your Kahoot public and share it with friends for revision or to make schoolwork fun.

Get inspired to create your Kahoot on any school topic and make it public for game night or fun time. Whether on your iPad or any other browser, Kahoot fun is unlimited.

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