How to host a Kahoot! game for free

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Kahoot! has proven to be a unique game-based learning platform. People use it to create, share, and play learning games or trivia quizzes.

You can create a free account on the platform and play a free game. But if you want to enjoy the entire experience, you can host a Kahoot! game for free and play it with family and friends.

However, you must know how to host live games in the app and give others access to play it.

The advantage of Kahoot! is that you can create Kahoots and host live games from iOS or Android.

However, the process entails using AirPlay for iOS and Chromecast for Android. So, if you have all the necessary hardware, you can host your Kahoot game in a few simple steps.

How do you start a game on Kahoot for free?

If you want to start a game on Kahoot! for free, here is what you should do:

  • Open the Kahoot! app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Login to your account or sign up if you don’t have an account.
  • Choose the Kahoot you want to host.
  • Tap on the Play button.
  • Tap Live Game.

Your next step is to mirror your gaming screen. You will need AirPlay for iOS or Chromecast for Android.

  • You can mirror your Screen with AirPlay by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen to open the Control centre.
  • Tap on Screen mirroring.
  • Select your Apple TV.

Additionally, you must ensure your devices are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

  • If you have Chromecast, install the Google Home app.
  • Tap on the Cast button.
  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Tap on Menu.
  • Tap on Cast Screen/audio
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You can now continue hosting your game.

How to host a Kahoot game without an account

The advantage of Kahoot is that players do not require an account to play.

Instead, the person hosting the game has to change the game settings to Classic or Team Mode to allow other players to join the game and make a Kahoot game PIN.

Image by: Flickr/jawadrieske

Then, Kahoot! will display the Game PIN at the top of the screen. Then, the other players will have to enter the PIN to join the game.

Can you host a Kahoot for free?

Kahoot! is free for teachers and students. However, it requires you to create an account to use its services.

Also, Kahoot! has premium plans for Individuals, Teams, Enterprises, and One-Time Events. The plans cost from $17 per month for Individuals to $750 for One-Time Events.

Ensure to make your Kahoot! public if you wish to share it with other members.

What is the limit for a free Kahoot?

The free version of Kahoot! for the Student plan only supports up to 20 players per game. However, the application also has the basic young student between 13 and 16 years.

It has a limit of 50 players per game. The limits increase with paid subscriptions and range from 50 to 200 players per game.

Wrapping up

Kahoot! Allows you to create, share, and play learning games on its platform for free or for a premium price.

In addition, you can use it to host games and play them with friends and families. Although you need an account to host games, players can still play your hosted game for free by giving them your Game PIN.

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