How to sell on Nextdoor

Lillie Spikes

Nextdoor is an app that is designed to connect neighbors so they can buy, sell or give away items they do not use.

Keeping in mind that it is fairly new to the market, most consumers do not know how to navigate the platform.  

If you are looking to sell on Nextdoor, follow these steps.

1. Set up an account

You can access Nextdoor on its official website, Android app, or iPhone app. Whatever you choose to use, open the Nextdoor app and click on the ‘Register an Account’ option.

You will be given a chance to link the app to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Alternatively, key in all the necessary details to avoid linking the app to your email or social media accounts. 

2. Study the guidelines

Like any other social platform, Nextdoor users are governed by rules and regulations to keep the site safe and lawful for everyone. 

What’s allowed:

  • Selling or volunteering casal services such as dog walking, and babysitting, among others
  • Putting pets up for adoption or rehoming( selling pets is not allowed)
  • Selling homemade goods so long as you list them under the ‘neighbor made’ category
  • Listing a property you own for rent or sale
  • Giving away or selling personal items such as clothes and shoes


What’s not allowed:

  • Listing the same item more than once at the same time( you are permitted to relist an item after the initial ad expires)
  • Listing’ personal ads’ in a way that appears you are using the platform as a dating service
  • Using pictures of items that have been posted on other sites
  • Listing items that appear on the prohibited goods and services list
  • Selling or offering gift cards
  • Posting items that you are selling as a business. For example, a realtor listing posts of houses they are selling. 
  • Price gouging. This means overcharging essential goods amid a disaster such as floods in an attempt to profit off the disparity of the buyers.
  • Overposting listings as it lessens the visibility of other users’ items
  • Posting recalled items
  • Misrepresenting the items, such as not writing the item’s actual condition or trying to overcharge the client despite listing a different price. 

3. Post your item

Although Nextdoor is available on several platforms, the process of listing/deleting/reposting, and editing a listing is similar. Here is a step-by-step guide to posting an item.

How to list a new item on Nextdoor

  • Launch the app and go to the home page
  • Click on the ‘Post a message, event, poll, or alert to neighbors’ icon.
  • Locate the Add your post icon and click on it
  • Categorize your post. You can either choose; ‘For Sale & Free’, ‘Safety’, ‘General’, ‘Lost & Found’, or  ‘Recommendations.’
  • Choose and click on the neighbors you would like to see your Post. A new feature called ‘Broader local area’ allows people in far away neighborhoods to view and purchase your goods. 
  • Add a title, preferably; just list the item’s name instead of writing a long sentence.
  • Add a description of the item. Here you need to include details such as the condition, reason for sale, color, size, and model number.
  • Set the price or price range you would like. Alternatively, you can mark the item as free or omit setting the price allowing the buyer to set their price.
  • Categorize the item type by clicking on any of the options available on your screen at this point. Examples of the set categories include; Musical instruments, Neighbor made, Neighbor services, Others, Pet supplies, Property rentals, Sports & outdoors, and so much more. Only go with others if you are confident your product does not fit in any categories. 
  • Add at least two clear photos. However, it is mandatory to add only one. 
  • Click the Post icon and wait for a sale or inquiry

How to edit or delete an item

Whether you want to correct an error or add more details or images, you can easily edit the post. However, if the item is already sold or you do not wish to sell it anymore, you are free to delete it. 

  • Log in to Nextdoor
  • On the left side of the home screen, click on the ‘categorize your item’ icon. 
  • Select the category with the item that you want to edit or delete
  • Scroll until you find the item and then click on it
  • Click the arrow on top of the item. You will be prompted to choose whether you want to edit or delete the item. 
  • Click on the option you want and proceed as directed. 

NOTE: Also, you are not allowed to delete and relist the same item more than once. 

How to renew an expired listing

Before you proceed, it’s worth noting that you are allowed to renew a listing three days before it expires. 

  • Launch Nextdoor and log in.
  • Click on the ‘my listings’ icon on the left side of the screen
  • Click on ‘expired listings.’
  • Spot the listing you want to renew and click on ‘renew the listing.’

How to discount your items

Nextdoor has a feature that allows you to discount your item to boost the chances of the listing reaching a wider audience.

Please note that you cannot set the discount price as the site automatically determines it. You can only discount an item once.

Finally, this feature is only available for listings over 48 hours. 

So, to discount your items:

  • Click on the ‘my listings’ icon, which is on the left side of the homepage
  • Once you spot the item you want to discount, click on it
  • Click on the ‘discount to boost’ icon
  • Click on ‘apply the set discount.’


Nextdoor is undoubtedly one of the best apps for buying, selling, and giving away products. The best part of this app is that you can easily sell to your neighbors.

After understanding the guidelines and how to navigate the site, posting your listing on the site should be simple. 

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