How long does SNKRS take to ship?

SNKRS is the Nike brand’s official app, unveiling their unique sneakers variety and disclosing exclusive articles dedicated to their customers. With SNKRS, you will know about the latest sneakers and exciting offers and get exclusive deals.

With SNKRS, you can expect to find your best sneakers and learn about the inspiration behind their design. But now that you’ve settled for what you want, you may wonder how long it will take to get your pair of sneakers.

How long does SNKRS shipping take?

SNKRs shipping time differs on different orders depending on which country you are located in and the shipping method you use.

Generally, it can take anywhere from one day to six weeks to receive your sneakers from SNKRS. This will depend on your budget and willingness to pay extra fees to receive your order faster.

The shipment is influenced by the fact that most SNKRS sneakers are limited, and others are hotcakes, which means they may get sold before you get to the store. Shipping for Nike members is handled differently compared to that of non-members.

Here is how long your shipment may take depending on your shipping option and if you qualify for that order.


  • No Rush: This is the slowest shipping method. No Rush can take anywhere between one and two weeks for your sneakers to arrive because Nike will use ground shipping.
  • Standard Shipping: It takes between three days and one week for your sneakers to arrive. It is faster than No Rush but also costs more for non-Nike members.
  • Expedited Option: This option is fast, and you can expect to receive your order within two days of ordering.
  • Express Shipping: This is the quickest way to get your SNKRS order. You can receive it the next day after ordering.

Who does SNKRS ship with?

SNKRS uses UPS and FedEx carrier options depending on your selected shipping method.

In addition, UPS and FedEx allow you to track your SNKRS order directly on their websites to know exactly when your package will arrive.

How long does it take SNKRs to confirm an order?

How long your SNKRS order will be confirmed depends on your launch. There are two types of common SNKRS launches listed as Draw or Dan and LEO (Let Everyone Order).

For Draw/Dan launch, you will be notified within 24 hours, but notifications are normally done within 15-30 minutes.

For the LEO launch, you will be entered in a queue, but immediately you are selected and have made your payment; notification is within 2 to 10 minutes past launch time to get it confirmed.

If the order is successful and the payment is completed, you will get the coveted “Got’ Em” message on your SNKRS “Notifications” and an order confirmation email.

Is SNKRS legit?

SNKRS is legit. The app is available on both App Store and the Google Play Store, with close to 2 million reviews.

From there, you will find lots of reviews from buyers, most of them positive. You will also learn more about people’s experiences when shopping on the website and whether they received their items on tu

Where do SNKRs ship from?

When you place an order from SNKR, Nike owns, it is processed in Memphis, Tennessee. This is where their big distribution centre is located.

All orders from the United States are processed, filled and shipped from their Memphis, Tennessee, centre.SNKRS

Which countries does SNKRS ship to?

SNKRS only ships to the US. You must have US physical address to receive orders from this company.

While Nike does not provide international shipping, you can use a package forwarder or a re-shipping service to ship your SNKR sneakers from the US to your country.

The method involves identifying a warehouse in the US that will receive your order and then forward it to your home country. However, you must do your due diligence to ensure that you use a reputable service.

What is the difference between the SNKRS app and the Nike app?

To start with, SNKR and Nike app are your first destination to grab your latest Nike gear. The difference comes with their content.

The Nike app gives you the ultimate access to everything Nike is in one place. On the other hand, the SNKRS app is your go-to exclusive source for all your Nike sneakers.

Is the SNKRS app free?

It is free to download the SNKRS from both Google Play and App Store.

You can also go for a free account upon signing up. This is where users can bid for the latest Nike sneakers upon their release.

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